A career in medicine can feel like a daunting hill to climb. Choosing the right university aside, there are a number of other factors to consider: Which speciality do I pick? Am I cut out for this gruelling field? MBBS vs MD

If medicine is something you have dreamt about since high school, chances are that you are already on the path to being a doctor. However, knowing the difference between courses can set you up for a bright future in medicine.

Doctor of Medicine vs. MBBS

A common question among medical aspirants is “Where do I begin?” It’s always good to have a clear understanding of the preliminary and advanced courses in medicine. The most popular programs worldwide can be divided into two broad sections.

  • MBBS:

    This acronym expands into Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. An MBBS is the initial, professional undergraduate degree in medicine. While the duration of this program varies from country to country, it is usually a 4-and-a-half year course. 

In order to give students a holistic understanding of medicine, an MBBS typically covers all fields of medicine. It is challenging but gratifying too as you get to study physiology, applied pharmacology, anatomy, dermatology, pathology, otolaryngology, and microbiology. In certain semesters you will also get to explore paediatrics and general surgery.

  • MD:

    This acronym expands into Doctor of Medicine, derived from the Latin phrase Medicinae Doctor. If you have an MD, then it’s usually considered to be a Masters (postgraduate) or PhD degree, depending on which country you are practising medicine. 

A candidate can only apply for an MD degree after the completion of an MBBS degree. The latter gives you a bird’s-eye-view of medicine, while an MD is where you begin to specialise in a particular field. This degree usually takes two years to complete and requires students to submit a thesis or dissertation as part of the course. Due to its rigorous syllabus and other academic components, an MD degree is considered to be a professional graduate degree in the USA. Other countries look at it as a research degree equated to a PhD.

So the question of whether MD is better or MBBS does not really arise. However, in order to pursue a specialised MD program, you will need an MBBS degree in India or its equivalent, if you are residing in a different country.

MBBS vs Doctor of Medicine in the United States

If you are keen on practising medicine in the USA, then you need to successfully complete a 4-year undergraduate program before applying for an MD degree. It’s not so much a question of MBBS vs MD in the USA, because both programs are interdependent on each other if you want to achieve your dream of being a practising doctor.

What’s the Difference Between MBBS and MD in India

If you are domiciled in India, an MD degree is similar to a PhD and is considered an advanced medical degree. It is a rigorous 3-year program that culminates in theoretical and practical exams that signify your specialisation in a particular medical field. 

AT AUAMED, right at the outset, we help our students differentiate between MBBS and MD. Our pre-med program is designed for high school graduates interested in pursuing an MD speciality program. Within two years, you can earn 60 undergraduate school credits that give you a comprehensive overview of medicine while making you eligible for a coveted MD program.

AUAMED’s MD program is split into Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences. Our curriculum also helps students prepare for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), and if you are considering a return to India, you will be all set to begin practising as an accredited medical professional.