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Effective Monday, February 13, 2023, the mandatory Covid-19 testing is suspended due to the decreasing cases of COVID-19 infection in Antigua & Barbuda and on campus. Practicing prevention and safety measures remain in place. Masks are required at patient care sites within the Wellness Center.

Individuals with Covid-19-related symptoms are required to report to the University Park Health Center for screening. The University reserves the right to reinstate mandatory Covid-19 testing based on recommendations made by the CDC and Ministry of Health of Antigua and Barbuda, and any surge of cases which may occur on campus.

Thank you for joining us in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 and for adhering to protocols put in place for the safety of all.


Effective as of January 15, 2023, while AUA strongly recommends that students be fully vaccinated against the COVID -19 virus, including all CDC recommended boosters, the University will not require students to be so vaccinated. However, because, at present, most of the University’s clinical affiliated teaching hospitals require that students be fully vaccinated before they will be permitted to engage in training at those affiliated hospitals, unvaccinated students will be limited in where they will be able to complete their clinical clerkship training and may find it difficult, more costly and/or more inconvenient, if not impossible, to complete the requirements for graduation, timely or at all. As part of its curricular requirements, the University requires its preclinical students to participate in clinical training at St. John’s Hospital, the only hospital in Antigua. Presently, St. John’s Medical Center requires that students be fully vaccinated before they are permitted to train there. AUA will endeavor to provide training as comparable as is reasonable in lieu of the training requirement at St. Johns.


Enrollment for the February 2022 class is now closed. Students who apply and are accepted to AUA’s upcoming August 2022 class will join their fellow students, as well as AUA faculty and staff, in person on our Preclinical Sciences campus in Antigua. Please refer to the incoming (new) and returning student FAQs for the latest travel and vaccination requirements.


All students coming to campus will be required to be fully vaccinated for COVID -19. Students must follow any guidelines set down by the Antigua government, or AUACOM. Failure to do so will result in not being able to participate in the educational program.

At least two (2) weeks must have passed since the administration of the full vaccine dosage to be considered FULLY vaccinated.


The government of Antigua and Barbuda has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for Antigua and Barbuda. The system is projected to come near us late Saturday evening into Sunday morning. We do not expect this system to intensify while it is in our area but we will monitor the development and will provide updates.


We are pleased to announce that all students will be welcome to campus for in-person learning in Antigua for Spring 2022.


Fall 2021 Updates

  • Students in Med 1 will have the option of participating in our remote curriculum at home, or in Antigua.
  • Students in Med 2-4 will participate in our campus learning activities  in person. This includes ICM activities, simulation exercises, and lectures/classes.


Dear Friends of AUA:

With the COVID-19 pandemic, travel complications, and our students’ safety in mind, American University of Antigua College of Medicine (AUA) has decided to offer a Hybrid Curriculum for the Spring 2021 academic period. This decision applies to both new and returning students.

The campus remains open in order to facilitate the hybrid curriculum. Certain designated campus facilities, including the library, gym, food court, and study areas, are open and maintaining social distancing guidelines.

All AUA students can participate remotely either from their homes or from Antigua with access to our pre-clinical campus and in-person access to our pre-clinical faculty. Students who opt to participate from Antigua would have in-person access to AUA faculty and facilities, superior wi-fi access for learning and exams, and other educational benefits that are available only on campus.

The health and safety of our student body is of the utmost priority to us, and a university task force dedicated to COVID-19 is following a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety of any students returning to Antigua. This task force is closely monitoring any potential threats the virus may pose while closely following CDC protocols.

We’ve worked to compile an exhaustive list of questions and answers about COVID-19 and its impact on our academic programming. Please read on, and if your question isn’t answered, send us an email and we’ll do our best to assist.

Stay safe, practice appropriate social distancing, and let’s defeat COVID-19 together.

I hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy in these challenging times.

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