Going through medical school is not only grueling, but also involves a steep financial investment. Many students find themselves struggling to keep up with the pressure of being a doctor during their training, or come across other conflicts that hold them back from going further down the medical route. Hence, they may choose to look for alternate career paths.

If you’re one of these students who are considering non-medical career options after MBBS in USA, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide a list of non-medical career options you can pursue after studying MBBS

7 Non-Medical Career Paths You Can Pursue After MBBS

While the medical field offers a wide range of career opportunities, there are also non-medical options available to those with a degree in medicine. Here are 7 non-medical career paths that MBBS graduates can consider.

1. Legal Medical Advisor

Legal medical advisors are often required to share their expert opinions in court cases. Their medical expertise helps answer questions surrounding deaths, accidents, and other mysterious circumstances. These cases can go on for months and legal medical advisors may be called in at any time to provide their assistance.

2. Hospital Administrator

If you’re interested in a managerial role after MBBS, a hospital administrator is a good option to consider. Hospital administrators manage doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and other staff at a hospital or clinic. An MBA in Hospital Management after MBBS will boost your career as an administrator. Your technical knowledge in medicine combined with your leadership and organisational skills will help you run a hospital efficiently.

3. Professor of Medicine

If inspiring young minds excites you, then the role of professor of medicine will suit you well. You can teach at a nursing school or a medical university. Your experience as an MBBS student will help you connect with the next generation of young doctors easily and have a great impact on their medical education.

4. Medical Researcher

The medical field is constantly evolving, with new discoveries being made frequently. The credit for these discoveries goes to researchers in the medical field who spend a great amount of time collecting and analysing data. If you feel that being at the forefront of the latest developments in medicine is your cup of tea, being a medical researcher is a great career option after MBBS.

5. Medical Journal Writer

Medical journals are how the latest developments in medicine are made known to other experts in the medical field and the general public. Medical journals detail the findings of various clinical trials and researches. As a writer for medical journals, your work will help make the details of the discoveries in labs become known to the outside world.

6. Sports Medicine

If you’re a sports fan, then a job that combines your passion for medicine and sports is perfect for you. As a sports medicine specialist, you get to work with professional athletes and travel to various sporting events. Your sports medical expertise will be essential in helping athletes come up with treatment, recovery, diet and workout plans.

7. Public Health Worker

Public health workers help keep a public health crisis from going out of control. These workers are in high demand and are well paid. Their expertise is needed when a decision has to be made with respect to the general public health in a city or country. They are at the forefront of policy-making, providing medical advice to local lawmakers. This a great career option if you’re interested in improving the health and wellness of a population from a large-scale perspective.

The Bottom Line

It is clear now that your career will not end if you choose to give up your goal of becoming a doctor. It is completely normal to quit your career as a doctor for an alternate career after MBBS. With various opportunities in fields such as management, research, and entrepreneurship, you can leverage your medical education to build successful and fulfilling careers outside traditional healthcare settings. The opportunities for you to shine are plenty.


What are the options for a non-clinical job after getting an MBBS degree?

There are several non-clinical career options available for MBBS graduates, including:

– Medical writing
– Healthcare management and administration
– Medical research
– Medical journalism
These options have a broad scope and can offer lucrative career opportunities.

What is the career choice for an MBBS graduate other than being a doctor?

Apart from being a doctor, MBBS graduates can opt for careers in various fields such as:

– Healthcare management
– Medical research
– Medical writing
– Medical journalism
– Public health
– Healthcare consulting
– Pharmaceutical and biotech industries

How to decide which specialization to take up after MBBS?

When deciding on a medical specialization after completing MBBS, it’s crucial to consider personal interests, aptitude, career goals, and future prospects. Research different specialties and consult with experienced doctors, seniors, and mentors.