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Become a Global Physician

MD Program

AUA College of Medicine maintains high expectations and emphasizes innovation with a highly-individualized and interactive MD program.

AUA’s educational program leading to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree is a 4.5-year program. It consists of two years of Preclinical Sciences coursework on the AUA campus in Antigua and 84 weeks of study in the Clinical Sciences at teaching hospitals throughout the United States where students complete their core and elective rotations. Rotations are also available in Canada, India, and the United Kingdom.


For many Caribbean medical schools, it takes over a decade to receive these recognitions, but AUA’s dedication to upholding the highest academic standards has not gone unnoticed by government jurisdictions, external agencies, and international accrediting bodies. In record time, the university has become one of the few to obtain prestigious accreditations that were earned after comprehensive evaluations confirmed the extraordinary quality of AUA’s facilities, curriculum, resources, faculty, administration, and student body. As a result of these recognitions and upon passing the necessary licensure exams, AUA graduates are eligible for residency and licensure throughout India, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. These recognitions also allow students to participate in clinical rotations there as well.

AUA + Warwick = MB ChB

American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine’s high achieving students, now have the opportunity to apply to transfer to University of Warwick’s Medical School (WMS), United Kingdom and obtain their degree by completing their basic sciences at AUA College of Medicine in Antigua and their clinical education at University of Warwick. Students that partake in the AUA WMS transfer program will receive their medical degree from the University of Warwick. This partnership between both prestigious universities aims at nurturing a diverse academic community to propagate global medical health propelled by their common goal of excellence in medical education.

Financial Aid and scholarships

AUA is approved by the Canadian Ministry of Education, meaning eligible students may qualify for Canadian financial aid, allowing eligible students to receive Canadian federal loans, provincial loans, and participate in grant programs. The university also offers both a grant and a scholarship that are specifically designed for Canadian students.


From CaRMS to the NRMP, From the US to Canada, AUA’s here to help you match

Graduates are eligible to participate in residency training and receive licensure in Canada. Through the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) and the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), they have secured many competitive specialties.

AUA Class of 2019

” It has been my dream since I left Canada to be able to come back to my home country as a physician. I will forever be grateful for having chosen this path, where I experienced hardships, challenges, growth, and much more. “

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