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1.  Enrollment Deposit Form

• Due upon receipt of your acceptance letter. 

Accessible here

2. Housing & Seat Deposit

• Housing is assigned on a first-deposited basis.

Payable here

3. Housing & Transportation Form

• Housing is assigned on a first-deposited basis

Accessible here

4. Student Travel Information Form

Accessible here

5. Immunization Record Form

• Must be completely filled out. Additional records will not be accepted without a completed AUA Immunization Record Form.

• Printable here

6. Criminal Background Check (CBC)

• Due no later than 30 days prior to the start of classes. The CBC can be obtained either from or from your local precinct where you resided within the last six months prior to the start of your semester. Please note that you will be asked to provide an updated CBC prior to your third semester and fifth semester clinical rotation.

Immigration and Travel Information


U.S. citizens need a valid passport to enter Antigua and re-enter the United States. Canadian citizens also need a valid passport to enter Antigua and re-enter Canada. Citizens of other countries need to have a passport from their country of origin and a U.S. green card if they reside in the United States. Passport applications can be obtained from your local passport office or U.S. post office. U.S. students can find complete details at The passport must be valid for at least six months after the expected date of travel.

Antigua does not require an entry visa for U.S. or Canadian citizens. Please check with the Antiguan and Barbudan Consulate as to visa requirements if you are a citizen of another country.


Once you have purchased your ticket, complete the Student Travel Information form.

An immigration letter will be sent to you that you must have with you, along with your passport and acceptance letter, when you arrive at the airport in Antigua. If you wish to rent a vehicle, you need to have a valid driver’s license.

Please visit if you would like more information regarding student visas and immigration requirements.

Spouse Travel

Students who plan to bring their spouses to Antigua are required to bring their notarized marriage license certificates with them. This document may need to be presented to the Immigration Department to procure their visa.

Family Employment

All nonresidents who wish to work in Antigua require work permits. American University of Antigua (AUA) does not hire spouses or family members of students to work on campus or in housing facilities.

Air Travel

To enter Antigua, it is necessary to have a round-trip ticket. The sooner you make your airline reservations, the less expensive your ticket may be. Students can book open-ended tickets for an additional charge, which will provide flexibility for your return.

There are direct flights from the U.S. to Antigua via United Airlines out of Newark, N.J., as well as via American Airlines and Delta out of JFK Airport in New York. There are also direct flights from Charlotte, Miami, Toronto, and depending on the time of year, Atlanta.

Some popular Internet travel sites are,, and The carriers with the most frequent service to Antigua are American Airlines and United Airlines.

The following airlines currently serve Antigua:

Airline Destinations Reservation Phone Numbers
Air Canada North America 1(888) 247-2262 (268) 462-0074
American North America 1(800) 433-7300 (268) 462-0950
British Airways Europe 1(800) 247-9297 (268) 462-3219
Delta North America 1(800) 221-1212 (268) 562-5951
JetBlue North America 1(800) 538-2583 1(801) 449-2525
United North America 1(800) 231-0856 (268) 462-5355
US Airways North America 1(800) 428-4322 (268) 562-5901
Virgin Atlantic Europe 1(800) 744-7477 (268) 481-3801


Make sure all your bags are labeled with your name, address and destination. Check with your airline prior to departure regarding baggage restrictions. Most international air carriers limit you to two pieces of checked luggage and one carry-on. A fee may be imposed if you exceed the size and weight limits given. In addition to carry-on luggage, you are permitted to carry a laptop.


If your luggage exceeds the airline’s allowance, you might consider using air cargo as an alternative. You can ship extra belongings via airfreight, or mail them.

When sending any belongings or possessions to Antigua, please make certain you contact the shipping company to obtain shipping specifications. You will need a complete, written inventory of every item you are bringing to Antigua along with an original invoice of all new purchases or a document listing the estimated value of personal belongings to present to Antiguan customs officials.

To facilitate transport, ship items to the address below:

American University of Antigua College of Medicine

ATTN: [Student’s Full Name]

University Park

Jabberwock Beach Road

P.O. Box W-1451

Coolidge, Antigua

Please note that with the need to cover duties fees and Customs Brokers, it may be more affordable to buy what you need on the island.


All students are required to reside in university-selected housing facilities when they begin their studies in Antigua, unless given explicit permission to live elsewhere at the university’s sole discretion.

Housing selections are available on a first-come, first-served basis based on when your deposit is submitted.

AUA-selected housing provides incoming students the opportunity to live comfortably on the island while making informed choices about future living arrangements. During this time, students should become familiar with the island and view the different types of apartments and houses available, so they can make an educated decision as to where they will live during the rest of their time on the island.

AUA offers a full range of housing choices, from a limited number of single- bedroom studios to two- and three-bedroom suites with fully equipped kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms. They are divided into three groups, depending on amenities provided. AUA defines single rooms as bedrooms occupied by one person. Double rooms are bedrooms occupied by two persons.

All AUA-selected housing comes with weekly housekeeping services. All students residing in AUA-selected housing need to bring their own linens to Antigua. Students may choose to purchase personal property insurance from their preferred insurance provider. We suggest you speak to your New Student Coordinator for more information about your accommodations.


AUA has contracted for reduced rates with an independent bus company to transport students to and from housing locations. Bus transportation is available to students for USD $450 per semester. Each pass is valid for the entire semester. Students may purchase 10-trip passes for $20 USD as well. In both cases, transportation is nonrefundable, and cannot be prorated or transferred. Students may not trade or sell them among themselves. Multiple scheduled pickups from housing to campus and back are available. Transportation is provided to and from St. John’s Medical Centre for student rounds from the AUA campus.

Group I

Group I housing has the most upscale, contemporary rooms available, all with private bathrooms. There are a limited number of one-bedroom studios in addition to two-bedroom suites. They come with full-size kitchens and the most modern amenities. All housing is fully furnished and comes supplied with kitchen appliances and utensils. All have washing machines either in the apartment or on the premises. All have televisions and are fully air-conditioned. Many have decks directly overlooking the water. Cable TV and Internet access are available for a fee. Some housing is within walking distance from campus or only 7 to 10 minutes’ drive by car. Electrical service is 110 AC.

Group II

Group II housing includes a limited number of one-bedroom studios. There are two- and three-bedroom suites, with single- and double-occupancy rooms with living rooms, eating areas and shared bathrooms, and all are fully air- conditioned. All housing is fully furnished and is supplied with kitchen appliances and utensils. Laundry facilities are on-site. Cable TV and Internet access are available for a fee. Some units are on or near the beach. Some Group II housing is within walking distance from campus or no more than a 10-minute drive by car from the campus and shopping facilities. Electrical service is 110 AC.

Group III

Group III housing consists of modern two-bedroom suites, one small apartment complex reserved exclusively for students and hotel-style accommodations. Both single- and double-occupancy units are fully furnished with television and are air-conditioned. Cortsland has a communal kitchen with full-size refrigerators and appliances. The two other housing facilities have fully equipped in-suite kitchens. Some apartments have private decks. Laundry facilities are on-site.

Cable TV and Internet service are available for a fee. Some housing is within walking distance from campus or a 15-minute drive by car. Electrical service is 110 AC, with the exception of Cortsland. You must bring adaptors if you are planning on living in Cortsland. The voltage is 220V.


Please visit for current housing fees.

What to Do

• Best Beaches: Green Island, Turners Beach, Jabberwock Beach

• Scuba & Snorkeling: Jolly Harbour, Jolly Dive Center, Deep Bay, Galleon Bay

• Sailing & Boat Tours: English, Harbour, Wadadli Cats

• Sports on Campus: Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball

• Hear a Local Steel Band: Shirley Heights

• Rent Your Dream Mega-Yacht: English Harbour

Good Eats

• Best Breakfast: Garden Grill, Trade Winds

• Best Pizza: La Bussola

• Best Veggie Burger: Paro *

• Best Sandwich: Subway *

• Best Vegetarian Restaurant: Mama Lolly’s *

• Best Burger, Salad, and Gelato: The Larder

• Best Local Fish: Beachlimerz, Papa Zouk

• Best Place for Parents to Pay for Meal: Cecilia’s, Le Bistro

• Best Italian: La Bussola

• Best Bar: We’re sure you’ll have fun figuring that one out

• Best Place to Get Fast Food at 2am (falafel anytime): Casanova


• Best Coffee: Olive Branch *

• Best Ice Cream: Australian Ice Cream

        * Conveniently located on AUA campus

Temporary Driver’s License

You can purchase a temporary driver’s license from the Car Rental Agency or Coolidge Police Station (268-462-3185) at a cost of EC$50. You will need to present a valid passport along with a valid driver’s license (overseas). The temporary license is valid for three months only.

The temporary license can also be purchased from the ABTB (Antigua/Barbuda Transport Board) at (268) 460-8300

Emergency Numbers

Ambulance 911
Police (268) 462-0125
Hospital (268) 484-2700
AUA Health Clinic (268) 484-8900 ext. 1562
Dr. Kastuk
Campus Counselor & Professor of Behavioral Science
(268) 764-0164

Your guide to hurricane preparedness


Windows Laptop / Tablet

Minimum Specifications Laptop Tablet
Processor Speed Minimum 2.1 GHz Not Applicable
Operating System Windows 7 Open
Memory (RAM) Minimum 4 GB Open
Storage 250 GB At Least 15GB Available
Optical Drive Dual-Layer DVD+-RW Not Applicable
Video Card Minimum 128 MB Integrated Open
Network Card Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Not Applicable
Battery Primary 6-Cell Lithium Ion Open
Microsoft Office Suite Student Version Open
Wireless Connectivity WiFi Required WiFi Required
Antivirus Norton Open

Apple Laptop

Minimum Specifications Laptop
Processor Speed Minimum 1.6 GHz
Operating System Mac OS 10.6.8 or Newer
Memory (RAM) Minimum 4 GB
Storage 250 GB
Optical Drive Dual-Layer SuperDrive*
Network Card Integrated Gigabit Ethernet*
Battery Lithium-Polymer Battery
Microsoft Office Suite Student Version
Wireless Connectivity WiFi Required
Antivirus Required 

* If using a MacBook that does not have an Ethernet port or disc drive, please note that a USB Ethernet Adapter and/or USB SuperDrive is required. They do not come with a purchase of a MacBook Air/ProRetina by default.


Semester 1 – Required Attire


• Scrubs (top and bottom)

• Proper footwear (closed toe and heel)


• No sandals

• A clean, white laboratory coat (short)

• Professional dress:

– Males: Shirt, slacks, and conventional shoes or loafers. A tie may be appropriate for SOME official functions.

– Females: The options are more varied but should be regarded as noncontroversial.


Cadaver Small Group

• Scrubs (top and bottom)

• Proper footwear (closed toe and heel)

Small-Group Teaching

• Professional dress (see below):

– Males: A shirt, slacks, conventional shoes or loafers, and clean, white laboratory coat (short). A tie may be appropriate for SOME official functions.

– Females: The options are more varied but should be regarded as noncontroversial. A clean, white laboratory coat (short) is required.



Townhouse Mega Store


Cnt All Saints & American Road St. John’s

(268) 481-3200

RadioShack ACT – Antigua Computer Technology

Computers • Electronics

Internet Market Street & Church St. John’s

(268) 480-2351

Courts Antigua & Barbuda

Furniture • AppliancesComputers • Electronics

Cnt of Vivian Richards St. St. John’s

(268) 484-1640

Internet, Cable, Cellular

Cable • Wireless Internet

Corner Market & Nevis Streets

(268) 562-1280


Cellular Services

Cnt All Saints & American Road St. John’s

(268) 736-1000

CTV Entertainment Systems

Cable Services

Corner High Street & Corn Alley

P.O. Box 1536 St. John’s

(268) 462-4224

[email protected]

Karib Cable

Cable Services

Long Street

Box W1624 St. John’s

(268) 481-1280

Shopping Centers

Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy

Epicurean Drive

& Friar’s Hill Road St. John’s

(268) 484-5400

First Choice Foods


Anchorage Road Antigua & Barbuda

(268) 463-3663

[email protected]


Students should arrive on the island with enough funding to cover living and personal expenses. These include books and other expenses such as food, cabs, etc. We recommend a budget of about US$2,000-US$5,000 per student.

The safest way to get money into a bank account is with traveler’s checks, ATM cards, or credit/debit cards. A debit card that functions as a VISA card or a MasterCard is an excellent way to transfer money from an account in the U.S. to your account in Antigua. A bank account with a debit card is recommended for family members at home to use to deposit money for quick student access.

Wired money takes a few days and the fees are usually high. Personal checks can be deposited into your account but will not be available until the checks have cleared. This takes about three weeks.

Students must present a passport and a matriculation letter from the school in order to open a bank account.

Popular Banks in Antigua

FirstCaribbean Int’l

Old Parham Rd Cassada Gardens

(268) 480-5000

Bank of Nova Scotia

High Street, P.O. Box 342 St. John’s

(268) 480-1500

Royal Bank of Canada
High Street St. John’s

(268) 480-1150

Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank
1000 Airport Blvd. Coolidge, P.O. Box 315 St. John’s

(268) 480-5300

Exchange Rate (as of October 2016)

The official currency used in Antigua is the EC (East Caribbean Dollar), though most merchants accept USD$.

US$1    = EC$2.70 EC$1= US$0.37
EUR€1 = EC$2.98 EC$1= EUR€0.34
CAD$1 = EC$2.04 EC$1= CAD$0.49
INR₹1 = EC$0.04 EC$1= INR₹24.75

All American University of Antigua students are required to have medical and emergency evacuation insurance while in Antigua. Students will be automatically enrolled and charged for this coverage at the beginning of each semester.

Please read the insurance packet available on the student portal that describes the coverage underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company. You can compare it to your current policy and decide what is best for you.


If you wish to waive the United Healthcare insurance coverage, your policy MUST include an emergency evacuation provision in the event of a medical emergency. Proof of coverage is required, and you need to upload a proof of insurance AND a letter from your insurance company that states that the emergency evacuation option is part of your insurance coverage during the registration process. If you cannot produce proof of medical coverage, including emergency evacuation insurance, you will be billed for the contracted monthly third-party healthcare provider’s plan.


If you plan to have dependents with you in Antigua, you can enroll them in the health insurance program. You can pick up an enrollment form at the time of registration and send it directly to United Healthcare with your payment. We strongly encourage that all dependents have formal medical and emergency evacuation insurance while in Antigua.

If you have any questions about the coverage, please email them to [email protected] or call 1-212-661-8899, Ext. 773.

Please note: Medical insurance coverage is not available for citizens of Antigua and Barbuda.

Health Clinic

AUA has an on-campus clinic available to students. The clinic demonstrates the institution’s commitment to the welfare of the AUA community by providing convenient access to quality medical care. Available services include:

• Counseling services

• Vaccinations

• Routine medical care and screenings

• Electrocardiograms

• Blood tests

Refusal of Required Immunizations and Health Screenings Policy

Regarding the potential refusal by a medical student to comply with required immunizations or medical testing for religious or other reasons:

The various affiliated hospitals and other clinical training sites where American University of Antigua College of Medicine students are placed for their clinical rotations have stringent requirements that all members of their healthcare workforce are required to receive specific immunizations and/or have evidence of immunity from specific diseases and undergo periodic health testing in order to receive instruction in clinical settings and perform the essential functions of a medical student. This immunization requirement/documentation is essential not only to show that the students are protected, but also to protect those patients with whom they will come in contact during clinical rotations, visits to clinical facilities, and in the course of volunteer or relief programs. This immunization requirement/documentation is also required by our affiliated clinical teaching facilities before any medical student is allowed into their institutions.

These requirements are very specific and are based upon current recommendations from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other expert authorities. The requirements begin with matriculation into the basic science years and are posted on the School of Medicine website and student handbook. They are subject to revision at any time as dictated by changes originating from regulatory bodies, clinical training sites, expert recommendations, changes in public health conditions, and advancements in medical science.

AUA COM recognizes that a student may want to request an exemption from any required immunizations and/or from providing required evidence of immunity from specific diseases or from undergoing required periodic health testing either for his/her own health reasons or because these requirements conflict with his or her religious beliefs or practices. However, because these immunization requirements are imposed by our various affiliated hospitals and other clinical training sites, and because clinical training is an essential element of completing the requirements for a medical degree, such an exemption cannot be granted if the failure to meet these requirements would prevent the student from performing the essential functions of a medical student and from fulfilling the curricular requirements of the academic program.

It should be noted that failure to meet the requirements for vaccination and/or health testing will likely result in the student not being permitted to train in affiliated hospitals and other clinical facilities by those hospitals and/or facilities, thereby preventing the student from completing the required curricular activities needed to receive the Medical Doctor (M.D.) degree.


Financial Aid

American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine is approved to participate in the U.S. Federal Direct Loan Program.

For more information, please contact a Student Financial Services representative at 877-666-9485 or [email protected].

Canadian Federal Loans

AUA is proud to announce that we have been approved by the Canadian Ministry of Education, allowing eligible students to receive Canadian Federal loans, Provincial loans, and Federal grants. AUA can be found on the International – Master Designation List (MDL) at Our four-digit institutional code is: ZUCL

The Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP) offers loans, grants, and repayment assistance to full-time and part-time students seeking postsecondary education.

For more information, please visit the Canada Loan Program page on auamed. org. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Lynnise Pimentel at [email protected] or 212-661-8899 ext. 158.

How to Make Payment 

Students who will NOT be applying for a student loan can settle their tuition, fees, rent and other charges by using one of the following acceptable methods of payment:

Wire Transfer: (see Wire Transfer Instructions)

Certified Check or Bank Draft: (see Mailing Instructions)

ePayment: Email [email protected] for link (must originate from a U.S. bank account)

Money Order or Personal Check: (see Mailing Instructions)

Payment Plan: (see Payment Plans below)

Wire Transfer Instructions*


Beneficiary: American University of Antigua

Bank: Citibank NY, New York, NY 10001

Beneficiary Account No.: 9941998184

Beneficiary ABA No.: 021000089 (for U.S. origination)

Swift Code: CITIUS33 (for foreign origination)


Beneficiary: Manipal Education Americas

Bank: Citibank NY, New York, NY 10001

Beneficiary Account No.: 9975368519

Beneficiary ABA No.: 021000089

*For wires originating outside the U.S. specify Swift Code: CITIUS33

Mailing Instructions for Payment by Check**

Make certified checks/money orders/personal checks payable to one of the following:

College of Medicine: American University of Antigua (AUA)

BTMD: Manipal Education Americas (MEA)

Using standard postal service or overnight courier (recommended), mail to:

Manipal Education Americas


1 Battery Park Plaza, 33rd Floor

New York City, NY 10004

Payment Plans 

Students wishing to use a payment plan must submit an email request to [email protected] Please indicate REQUEST FOR PMTPLAN on the email subject line. Bursar will respond with the online link and instructions for making the application.

Eligibility Guidelines

Student must be accepted for full-time enrollment.
Student must accept Payment Plan Terms without alteration. (See below.) Student must have a checking or savings account with a bank in the U.S. and must agree to allow ACH debit transactions for all payment plan installments.

Payment Plan Terms:

By signing this agreement I acknowledge the balance due in three monthly payments to AUA/MEA arising from tuition, fees, and other charges on my account. I understand that monthly payment amounts may be adjusted to reflect additional charges or credits on my account (e.g., utilities, student printing charges, course add/drop). I also understand that late fees will be assessed if my payments are late or incomplete, and that continued delinquency will result in my payment plan being canceled, making the full balance due immediately and future participation in the payment plan program denied. I further acknowledge that unpaid amounts extending beyond the semester are subject to being placed in collections, which may result in additional expenses being charged to my AUA/MEA account.

**Returned checks will be debited back to student tuition account with a $35 fee. Wire transfer will be required to replace returned check. Bursar holds will apply.


Required Booklist for Semesters 1 and 2