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New student guide

    Travel and Housing Checklist

    We can’t wait for you to get here! Before you can enroll, make sure you’ve taken care of each item on this list.

    1. Seat Deposit:

      The deposit is due within 14 days of the date of your acceptance letter or the date that classes begin, whichever is earlier. To confirm your seat in the AUA College of Medicine class, submit your $500 deposit today through the application portal.

    2. Housing Deposit:

      New Pre-Clinical Sciences I students are required to live in University housing for their first semester in Antigua. Housing is assigned on a first-deposited basis. Submit your $750 housing deposit now through the application portal.

      **Save $250. A single payment of $1000 will satisfy both your seat deposit and your housing deposit. All Deposits will be applied toward your tuition and are non-refundable.

    3. Housing & Transportation Form:

      Pick your top three housing choices. For more information on different housing options, visit our housing webpage. Fill out your preferences in the housing form on the application portal.

    4. Flight Plan and Student Travel Form

      A round-trip airline ticket is required to enter Antigua. Check the academic calendar for important dates including, arrival dates for Pre-Clinical Sciences 1-4, Global Health Track (GHT)*, and BSIC Intersession students. After booking your flight, enter your flight information into our Student Travel Form, which you can also find through the app portal.

    5. Passport and Visa:

      Upload a photo or scan of your passport’s information page to the application portal. You must bring one extra passport photo.

      US and Canadian citizens need a valid passport to enter Antigua and re-enter their home country. US green card holders need to have a passport from their country of origin and their US green card to enter Antigua. Passports must be valid for at least six months after the expected date of travel. Antigua does not require an entry visa for US or Canadian citizens. All green holders can apply for the their visa upon arrival. Non-US citizens and non-Canadian citizens should check with the Antiguan and Barbudan Consulate for visa requirements.

    6. Immunization Record Form:

      This form must be filled out and signed by your physician. You must then upload the form through the app portal. Make sure it’s been signed by your physician before you upload it, and please retain an additional copy of your immunization records. You will need it when you begin your clinical rotations, and we cannot return your original form to you once you submit it. Please note: if we do not have your Immunization Record Form on file, you will not be able to register for classes. Here is a link to the form guidelines.

    7. Online Registration:

      The online registration process is an easy one. Visit portal.auamed.org and enter the username and password that has been provided to you by email. If you haven’t received the email, contact servicedesk@auamed.net to request it. Once you sign in, you’ll be redirected to Pre-Clinical Sciences registration and follow the prompts from there. Please note that you need to disable pop-up blockers for the registration to work. In addition to registering for classes, you will also be able to register for Student Housing. If you have a hold, you will not be able to register. Reach out to the department that placed the hold and they may be able to lift it for you.

    8. Criminal Background Check (CBC):

      Your CBC is due no later than 30 days prior to the first day of classes. You can obtain a CBC from Integrascan.com or your local precinct. If you obtain a CBC from your local precinct, it must be in a location where you’ve resided within the last six months of your first day of classes. You will be asked to provide a new CBC prior to your third and fifth semesters. Please note: All AUA students must submit a CBC in order to register for courses.

    *There is no fee or tuition for participating in the GHT; as the program is not part of AUA’s medical doctorate program, federal financial aid is not available for the living expenses of students during GHT sessions. Participation in GHT is strictly voluntary.


    US citizens need a valid passport to enter Antigua and re-enter the United States. Canadian citizens also need a valid passport to enter Antigua and re-enter Canada. Citizens of other countries need to have a passport from their country of origin and a US green card if they reside in the United States.

    Passport applications can be obtained from your local passport office or U.S. post office. U.S. students can find complete details at travel.state.gov. The passport must be valid for at least six months after the expected date of travel.

    Antigua does not require an entry visa for U.S. or Canadian citizens. Please check with the Antiguan and Barbudan Consulate for visa requirements if you are a citizen of another country.


    We will email you an immigration letter once you complete the Student Travel Form on the app portal. Please print out the immigration letter and carry it with you, along with your passport and acceptance letter when you arrive at V.C. Bird International Airport in Antigua.

    For more information on student visas and immigration requirements, please visit immigration.gov.ag.


    Students who plan to bring their spouses to Antigua are required to bring their notarized marriage license certificates with them. This document may need to be presented to the Immigration Department to procure visas or extend a stay in Antigua.


    Non-residents who wish to work in Antigua require work permits. AUA does not hire spouses or family members of students to work on campus or in housing facilities.


    If you wish to rent a vehicle, you will need to present a valid foreign driver’s license to the authorities and purchase a temporary local license at a cost of ECD $50/USD $20. International driver’s licenses are NOT valid. See the Living in Antigua section for more information.


    To enter Antigua, it is necessary to have a round-trip ticket. The sooner you make your airline reservations, the less expensive your ticket may be.

    There are direct flights from the US to Antigua out of Newark Liberty International, John F. Kennedy, Toronto Pearson, and London Gatwick airports.

    The carriers with the most frequent service to Antigua are American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, and United Airlines.

    The following airlines currently serve Antigua:

    Departing From
    Reservation Phone

    Air Canada

    North America 1-888-247-2262

    West Jet

    North America 1-888-937-8538


    North America 1-800-433-7300

    British Airways

    Europe 1-800-247-9297


    North America 1-800-221-1212


    North America 1-800-538-2583


    North America 1-800-231-0856

    Virgin Atlantic

    Europe 1-800-862-8621

    Make sure all your bags are labeled with your name, flight destination, and campus address. Check with your airline prior to departure regarding baggage restrictions. Most international air carriers limit you to two pieces of checked luggage, one carry-on, and one personal bag, but be sure to confirm this directly with the airline. A fee may be imposed if you exceed the size and weight limits given.


    If your luggage exceeds the airline’s allowance, you might consider using air cargo as an alternative. You can ship extra belongings via airfreight or mail.

    When sending any belongings or possessions to Antigua, please make certain you contact the shipping company to obtain shipping specifications. You will need a complete, written inventory of every item you are shipping to Antigua along with an original invoice of all new purchases or a document listing the estimated value of personal belongings to present to Antiguan customs officials. You do not need this information for carry-on items.

    To facilitate transport, ship items to the address below:

    American University of Antigua College of Medicine

    ATTN: [Student’s Full Name]

    University Park

    Jabberwock Beach Road

    P.O. Box W-1451

    Coolidge, Antigua

    Please note that with the need to cover duties and customs broker fees, it is usually more affordable to buy what you need on the island.


    Put your wallet away! All book and reading material costs are included in your tuition.

    Any reading required for a particular class will be available to you via Blackboard, AUA’s online course management system. You’ll have easy access to links, lectures, videos, and PowerPoint presentations, and you will receive links to supplemental texts as well. You’ll also find print copies of each of the required and recommended books put on reserve at the AUA Library. In addition, hundreds of other ebooks, ejournals, and medical knowledge databases are now available to you on and off campus via your AUA NetID.



    Intel Core i5 Processor
    AMD A6

    Intel Core i7 Processor
    AMD A8

    Intel Core i5 Processor

    Intel Core i7 Processor

    Operating System

    Minimum Windows 10

    Windows 10 Home or Pro  

    Mac OS 10.14  Sierra or higher

    Memory (RAM)

    Minimum 8 GB Minimum 8 GB

    Recommended 16 GB


    Minimum 256 GB

    Recommended 512 GB or higher

    Minimum 256 GB

    Recommended 512 GB or higher

    Graphics Card

    Minimum 512 MB Video Memory

    Minimum 512 MB Video Memory


    17” or larger monitor  (Desktops)

    13” or larger (Laptops)

    17” or larger monitor  (Desktops)

    13” or larger (Laptops)


    Integrated or external HD Webcam 720P or higher Integrated or external HD Webcam 720P or higher


    Integrated microphone or external USB/Bluetooth Mic/headset Integrated microphone or external USB/Bluetooth Mic/headset

    Wireless Connectivity

    Minimum 802.11n

    Recommended 802.11 AC  

    Minimum 802.11n

    Recommended 802.11 AC

    Browser (NBME Exams)

    Microsoft Edge Chromium (legacy Edge is not supported)
    Safari 9 or higher
    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox  
    Safari 9 or higher
    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox  


    4 years parts and labor AppleCare 3 years parts and labor

    Virus Protection Software

    Antivirus software such as McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, TrendMicro

    An iPad or a tablet is not an acceptable substitute for a computer.

    • Scrubs (top and bottom)
    • Proper footwear (closed toe and heel)
    • No sandals
    • A clean, white laboratory coat (short)
    • Professional dress:
      • Males: Shirt, slacks, and conventional shoes or loafers. A tie may be appropriate for official functions.
      • Females: The options are more varied but should be regarded as conservative.

    Anatomy Lab Small Group

    • Scrubs (top and bottom)
    • Proper footwear (closed toe and heel)

    Small-Group Teaching

    • Professional dress (see below):
      • Males: A shirt, slacks, conventional shoes or loafers, and clean, white laboratory coat (short). A tie may be appropriate for official functions.
      • Females: The options are more varied but should be regarded as conservative. A clean, white laboratory coat (short) is required.

    Don’t you hate feeling like you forgot something but you just can’t remember what it was or where you left it? Below is a comprehensive list of items we suggest you bring. A printable version can be found here.


    Make sure that all of these items are in your carry-on during your flight to Antigua. Do not check them.

    • Passport (current and with a minimum six-month validity; please check the date)
    • 4 standard passport photos. In addition to your passport, you will need 4 passport photos required for your immigration extension of time. It must be printed in color on photo quality paper; 2×2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size. Photocopies or printouts on printer paper will not be accepted.
    • AUA immigration letter
    • AUA housing assignment email
    • AUA acceptance letter
    • VISA (if required, to enter Antigua because you’re not a U.S. or Canadian citizen or a citizen of a country whose citizens Antigua allows to enter without visa)
    • Driver’s license (current and that will not expire while you’re in Antigua)
    • Debit/credit cards (current and that will not expire while you’re in Antigua) with a travel notice on each card
    • Health-care provider card
    • Black pen (for completing the immigration form on the airplane)
    • Cash (in case you cannot immediately access an ATM or use a credit card). Also, bring a few dollar bills for bag porters at the Antigua Airport
    • Personal medications (prescription or over-the-counter, if needed regularly. Do Not pack in luggage, place in your carry-on.)
    • Prescription/reading eyeglasses
    • Cell phone & charger
    • Contact phone numbers (for family: home and cell phone numbers)
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Masks
    • Clothing For 2 days (In event of suitcase lost/delayed)
    • Travel sized toiletries
    • Food (snacks and non perishables)

    All school supplies are available for purchase on campus, but feel free to pack extras in your luggage if you have room.

    • Basic school supplies
    • Medical stethoscope (Littman 2 or similar model)
    • Blood-pressure cuff (manual)
    • Reflex hammer (Babinski type or similar)
    • Pen torch (Keeler Medical Pen Torch or similar)
    • Eye charts
    • Tuning forks (128 Hz & 512 Hz)
    • Wristwatch with seconds (for taking pulse)
    • First aid textbook and recommend organ systems, and clinical science 
    • Windows laptop/Apple MacBook and/or tablet
    • Surge-protector strip with 5–7 outlets
    • Spare charger for all electronics
    • External hard drive
    • VPN subscription
    • Spare batteries
    • Router*

    *Contact new student coordinator for more information


    All students will find it necessary to dress professionally an average of 2-3 times per week. Wearing camouflage clothing is considered a misrepresentation of the military and is therefore not permitted by law in Antigua and Barbuda. Do not wear any attire with such pattern during your time on the island.

    • White Coat (short: length to hip)
    • Scrubs (2 sets; any solid colors; no logos)
    • 3–5 sets of professional clothes. Dress shirt, dress pants, and tie for men. Dress or skirt and blouse for women
    • 1-2 pairs of dress shoes (females: can be flats or low-heeled)
    • 1 set of closed-toe shoes for labs
    • Classroom clothes; hoodies/jackets/sweater (classrooms are sometimes cold)
    • Swimwear, gym clothes & gym shoes

    Most items available on island or you can pack them.

    • Prescription medication and extra prescriptions if necessary
    • Over-the-counter medications (Benadryl,Tylenol, Imodium, Neosporin, etc.)
    • First-aid kit (small, with Band Aids)
    • Toothbrushes & toothpaste
    • Shavers (electric or extra blades for manual)
    • Nail clippers/scissors
    • Shampoo/sponge/body wash/personal hygiene items
    • Shower slippers
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug spray (REPEL works well)
    • Lubricating eye drops
    • Contact lenses and contact-lens solution
    • Eyeglasses, prescription/reading
    • Thermometer
    • Hair/skin care products
    •  Hand sanitizer, disposable face masks,
    • Supplements/vitamins
    •  Feminine products
    •  Hydroflask for water
    •  Vitamins – for those on special diets
    •  Protein powder
    • Mosquito/bug net

    Listed items can be purchased on island, but bedding linens are not supplied when you move into housing. You may decide to bring linens with you for your first several days and purchase remaining linens on island.

    • Pillow (in a vacuum sealed bag)
    • Bedsheets, pillowcases, blankets, comforter, mattress protector (in a vacuum-sealed bag)
    • Towels and washcloths
    • Disinfectant wipes
    • Reusable water bottles
    • Brita water pitcher & filters
    • Small lightweight umbrella
    • Flashlight
    • Command strips/hooks
    • Portable luggage scale
    • Screen protectors
    • Hats
    • Aloe vera
    • Portable fan or USB fan
    • Backpack
    • Noise canceling ear plugs
    • Extra blanket for library
    • Sunglasses, hats, lanyard for ID card/keychain
    • Office chair cushion for studying at home
    • Crockpot slow cooker or instant pot
    • Shower caddy/hook
    • Kitchen supplies, dish sponges, disinfecting wipes (travel size)
    • Small blender (smoothie machine)
    • Coffee mug/flask, coffee
    • Small plastic tape measure
    • Seat cushion
    • Exercise equipment (yoga mat) for stretching after long hours of sitting
    • 1 or 2 air freshener(s) for the room
    • Ice trays, cooking knife, cutting board, normal kitchen utensils, kitchen towel, pot holder
    • Tide pods, Oxyclean pods
    • Beach bag
    • Reusable shopping bags
    • Wall clock, alarm clock, wall calendar
    • Plug in night light
    • Lunchbag
    • Extension cord
    • Portable charger
    • Reusable straws/utensils
    • Desk lamp, extra office supplies (pens, highlighters, post its)
    • A running vest/belt for walking off campus at night
    • Plastic food storage containers

    You are about to work insanely hard, but there’s way more going on at AUA than reading medical texts and taking copious notes. Get to know your classmates. Get to know the community. AUA student organizations are a great way to pursue your academic and personal interests, stay fit, and help others.


    All new Pre-Clinical Sciences I students are required to reside in university-selected housing facilities when they begin their studies in Antigua, unless given explicit permission to live elsewhere by the university.

    Housing selections are handled on a first-deposited, first-served basis contingent upon receipt of a $750 place-holder deposit and a completed Housing & Transportation Form.

    Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, please know that it’s incredibly important to us that you feel Antigua is home as you complete Pre-Clinical Sciences and even when you come back to visit as an MD someday.

    That’s why we’ve personally chosen housing units that represent a full range of options, from a limited number of single-bedroom studios to two- and three-bedroom suites with a fully equipped kitchen, furnished living room, and dining area. They are divided into three groups, depending on amenities provided. AUA defines single rooms as bedrooms occupied by one person. Double rooms are bedrooms occupied by two persons.

    All AUA-selected housing comes with complimentary weekly housekeeping services. All students residing in AUA-selected housing need to bring or locally purchase their own linens, including pillows and towels. Most beds are queen size. Some are single and full size. Please confirm this when you receive your housing assignment.

    You may also choose to purchase personal property insurance from your preferred insurance provider.

    Townhouse Mega Store Electronics All Saints & American Road St. John’s (268) 481-3200
    RadioShack ACT – Antigua Computer Technology Computers/Internet/Electronics Market Street & Church Street St. John’s (268) 480-2351
    Courts Antigua & Barbuda Furniture/Appliances/Computers/Electronics Vivian Richards Street St. John’s (268) 484-1640
    Karib Cable Cable Services Long Street Box W1624 St. John’s (268) 481-1280
    CTV Entertainment Systems Cable Services Corner High Street & Corn Alley P.O. Box 1536 St. John’s (268) 462-4224
    Flow Cable Services/Internet Corner of Market & Nevis Streets St. John’s (268) 562-1280
    Digicel Cellular Services All Saints & American Road St. John’s (268) 736-1000

    Don’t worry—we’ve made getting to campus and returning to your housing unit easy.

    We provide buses to transport students from housing to campus and back, and from campus to St. John’s Medical Centre and local clinics and back. This service is available at a cost of USD $450 per semester. Ten-trip passes are also available for $20 USD. Transportation is nonrefundable and cannot be prorated or transferred. Students may not trade or sell full semester transportation passes among themselves.


    You can purchase a temporary license from the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board (ABTB) located at Herbert’s Road, Potters Village, Antigua. For more information call the ABTB at (268) 460-8300. You may also purchase a temporary driver’s license from the Car Rental Agency or Coolidge Police Station (268-462-3185) at a cost of $50 ECD. You will need to present a valid passport along with a valid driver’s license from your home country. The temporary license is valid for three months only. You must get a new temporary license every three months or get a permanent license.


    To apply for a permanent license, present your passport and a valid driver’s license at the ABTB, located at Herbert’s Road, Potters Village, Antigua. Your passport must have a stamp in it stating that you are an AUA student. You will need to pay $85 ECD for the license, and $365 ECD for the application and processing fees ($450 ECD total).


    Hey, anything can happen. It probably won’t, but keep these numbers handy just in case.

    Phone Number
    Police/Fire/Ambulance 911 or 999
    Campus Police (268) 764-7358
    Hospital (268) 484-2700
    Emergency Room (268) 484-2754
    AUA Health Clinic (268) 484-8900 ext. 1562
    Dr. Kastuk – Campus Counselor & Professor of Behavioral Science (268) 764-0164
    National Office of Disaster Service (268) 562-1551 or (268) 462-4206
    Residential Services (268)-764-0417

    Students should arrive on the island with enough funding to cover living and personal expenses. These include food, cabs, and other costs. We recommend a budget of about US $2,000-$5,000 per student, per semester. You will need to bring money with you to cover your expenses before your financial aid arrives.

    The safest way to deposit money into a bank account is with traveler’s checks, debit, or credit cards. A debit card that functions as a Visa or MasterCard is an excellent way to transfer money from an account in the US to your account in Antigua. It’s a good idea to set up a joint bank account that family members back home can contribute to and you can access with a debit card while you’re at AUA.

    Wiring money takes a few days to clear and the fees are usually high. Personal checks can be deposited into your account but will not be available until the checks have cleared. This takes about three weeks. Students must present a passport and a matriculation letter from the registrar in order to open a bank account: [email protected].

    Bank Name
    FirstCaribbean Int’l Old Parham Rd Cassada Gardens (268) 480-5000 cibcfcib.com
    Royal Bank of Canada High Street St. John’s (268) 480-1150 rbcroyalbank.com
    Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank 1000 Airport Blvd. Coolidge P.O. Box 315 St. John’s (268) 480-5300 ecabank.com
    Foreign Currency to ECD
    ECD to Foreign Currency
    USD $1 = ECD $2.70 ECD $1= USD $0.37

    AUA College of Medicine is approved to participate in the US Federal Direct Loan Program. For more information, please contact a financial aid representative at 877-666-9485 or [email protected]. Eligible students may receive financial aid up to the total cost of attendance.


    AUA is approved by the Canadian Ministry of Education, allowing eligible students to receive Canadian federal loans, provincial loans, and federal grants. AUA can be found on the international Master Designation List (MDL). Our four-digit institutional code is: ZUCL

    The Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP) offers loans, grants, and repayment assistance to full-time and part-time students seeking postsecondary education.

    Look here for more information on the Canadian Loan Program.


    Students who will NOT be applying for a student loan can settle their tuition, fees, rent, and other charges by using one of the following acceptable methods of payment

    Beneficiary American University of Antigua
    Bank Citibank NY, New York, NY 10001
    Beneficiary Account No. 9941998184
    Beneficiary ABA No. 21000089
    Beneficiary Swift Code CITIUS33
    For wires originating outside US, make sure your full name and student ID are included in the memo of the wire


    Payable to American University of Antigua
    Mailed to Manipal Education Americas, LLC
    40 Wall Street, 10th Floor
    New York, NY 10005
    Attention Bursar
    Make sure to include your full name and student ID in the memo area on the check


    Go to CashNet link: https://commerce.cashnet.com/manipalpay

    Login Username: AUA Student ID

    Login Password: Last name (First letter UPPER case) + last four digits of student ID

    Example: John Smith ID 123456, password=Smith3456

    For IFT, click on Pay in the Payment Center Box, then click on Checkout, choose “Foreign Currency” and follow the prompts.

    • Tuition Payment Plan participation is by request only. Email [email protected] and include student name and ID.
    • Past due balances must be paid in full before requests for new Tuition Payment Plans will be considered for approval.
    • Approvals are based on payment history, i.e., no late, rejected, or shorted payments and no previously cancelled payment plans.
    • First installments on new Tuition Payment Plans must be received on or before due dates published prior to each new term.

    All AUA students are required to have health insurance while actively enrolled. AUA provides students with a limited benefit injury and sickness plan administered by Cigna Health. Semi-annual premiums are $1100.

    Students are not required to purchase AUA Cigna Health insurance and may choose to opt out. Email [email protected] for more information or if you have any questions about coverage.


    AUA has an on-campus clinic available to students. The clinic demonstrates the institution’s commitment to the welfare of the AUA community by providing convenient access to quality medical care. Available services include:

    • Routine medical care and screenings
    • Vaccinations
    • Electrocardiograms
    • Blood tests
    • Counseling services

    Great News! Antigua is a tropical island, not a deserted one. Not only will you find the vast majority of conveniences you enjoy at home, you’ll also find plenty of fun activities to keep you entertained on those rare moments when you’re not busy with your studies. They include sampling Antiguan cuisine at some of the many local restaurants, taking in unforgettable vistas, and having experiences that you just can’t find anywhere else.

    • Visit the best beaches: Green Island, Turners Beach, Jabberwock Beach
    • Go scuba diving & snorkeling at Jolly Harbour, Jolly Dive Center, Deep Bay, or Galleon Bay
    • Go sailing or take a boat tour with Wadadli Cats in English Harbour
    • Play soccer, cricket, tennis, basketball, or volleyball on campus
    • Hear a local steel band in Shirley Heights
    • Rent your dream mega-yacht in English Harbour
    • Visit a historical site: Nelson Dockyard


    • Breakfast: Garden Grill, Trade Winds
    • Pizza: La Bussola
    • Veggie Burger: Paro*
    • Sandwich: Subway*
    • Vegetarian Restaurant: Mama Lolly’s*
    • Burger, Salad, and Gelato: The Larder
    • Local Fish: Beachlimerz, Papa Zouk
    • Place for Parents to Pay: Cecilia’s, Le Bistro
    • Italian: La Bussola
    • Bar: You’ll figure that one out
    • Place to Get Fast Food at 2am (falafel anytime): Casanova
    • Coffee: Olive Branch*
    • Ice Cream: Fred’s Belgian Waffles and Ice Cream

    *Conveniently located on AUA campus


    • Catherine’s Café Plage: French cuisine
    • Sheer Rocks: Caribbean/seafood
    • Cecilia’s High Point Café: Eclectic bistro
    • Le Bistro: French/continental cuisine
    • Cloggy’s: Caribbean seafood
    • C&C Wine Bar: Wine bar

    Whether your parents, siblings, or friends are planning to visit you in Antigua, they’ll be able to find good accommodations, whatever their budget

    • Carlisle Bay $$$$
    • Jumby Bay $$$$
    • Cocobay Resort $$$
    • Pineapple Beach Club* $$$
    • St James’s Club & Villas* $$$
    • The Verandah Resort & Spa* $$$
    • Buccaneer Beach Club $$
    • Trade Winds $$
    • Halcyon Cove $
    • Jolly Beach Resort & Spa* $
    • Siboney Beach Club $

    *Special rates are available to AUA students and their families at these hotels.

    Please note: although these discounted rates are available, AUA does not have a business relationship with Elite Island Resorts and cannot guarantee rates.


    VC Bird International Airport is less than 40 minutes from any point on the island.

    • Barry Taxi and Tours: 268-724-9119
    • Roger Taxi Tours: 268-764-6331
    Car Rental Services

    Avis: (268) 462-2840

    Hertz: (268) 481-4440

    Budget: (268)-561-6399

    Oakland Rent-a-Car & Taxi Services: (268) 462-3021; [email protected]


    Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy

    Epicurean Drive & Friar’s Hill Road

    St. John’s

    (268) 484-5400

    First Choice Foods

    Anchorage Road

    St. John’s

    (268) 463-3663

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