AUA's MD Program provides cutting-edge facilities, practical labs, and one of the most prominent curriculum out of the Caribbean medical schools.
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AUA's MD program provides students with an education that enables them to become world-class physicians. Cutting-edge facilities, distinguished faculty, and excellent clinical experiences prepare graduates to practice medicine throughout the United States and Canada.


Accreditations, approvals, and recognitions are extremely important. AUA is 1 of only 3 Caribbean medical schools that has the necessary accreditations that allow our graduates to obtain licensure throughout the United States and Canada.

Various AUA Caribbean medical school accreditations and approvals from different state departments of education and CAMM-HP Various AUA Caribbean medical school accreditations and approvals from different state departments of education and CAMM-HP


Your medical education will begin on the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua, where you’ll be taught by some of the most experienced, highly specialized faculty in their respective fields. AUA's U.S.-modeled curriculum emphasizes hands-on experience that begins from day one.

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Still think ocean views and pristine beaches are the best part of studying at a Caribbean medical school? Take a closer look at our state-of-the-art facilities and our high-tech laboratory suite. Start with a video of our simulation lab.


The foundation of this new program, which AUA offers in collaboration with Florida International University (FIU), is an innovative curriculum that prepares tomorrow’s doctors for a medical landscape that includes diverse groups of patients, and requires physicians to be well versed in the social determinants of health. Lectures, research opportunities, field trips, and intensive seminars on global health topics supplement the Basic Sciences curriculum. This, in addition to clinical rotations at FIU-affiliated clinical sites in Florida and opportunities to complete international elective rotations, enable Global MD graduates to communicate and practice medicine across cultures in an increasingly borderless world. Learn more, apply, and make history with AUA.


Basic Sciences in the Caribbean, Clinical Sciences in the Sunshine State
Complete all your core rotations in one convenient location. This program allows AUA students to rotate at FIU-affiliated clinical sites in Florida, and is an opportunity to enhance residency applications. In 2016, 95 percent of AUA students who enrolled in this program matched to residencies.

international learning opportunities

Clinical Sciences

AUA is a Caribbean medical school with a strong Stateside presence. After building a strong foundation in Basic Sciences, students have the opportunity to interact with patients and hospital administrators at clinical sites throughout the United States and Canada.

93 usmle passrate


Before students can begin their clinical rotations, they must pass the USMLE Step 1. 93% of AUA students pass this exam in 2018.

AUA Caribbean Med School has clinical affiliations with top hospitals throughout the United States, Canada, and India.

Clinical Sites

AUA has almost 40 hospital affiliates throughout the United States.

Clinical rotations give AUA's medical students the opportunity to learn and gain experience.

Ready to Make Rounds?

What are clinical rotations and why are they necessary?

Videos of AUA Caribbean medical schools students in their clinical rotations and describing their typical day.

Day in the Life

Follow clinical students on a typical day as they make rounds at teaching hospitals.

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The strength of AUA’s program is evidenced by the success of our graduates, many of whom have earned prestigious residency positions at some of the most competitive programs throughout the United States and Canada.

Hear AUA Graduates Discuss Becoming Primary Care Physicians.


AUA graduates have also secured residencies in some of the most competitive programs throughout the country. Want to find out what specialty makes the most sense for you?

Caribbean Medical school residency map

Residency Map

More than 1200 AUA graduates have earned residency placements throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Want to see what programs they’re in? Explore our residency map and find out.

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AUA's reasonable tuition and financial aid opportunities make this Caribbean medical school a great choice.


AUA’s participation in the U.S. Federal Direct Loan Program provides options to finance your medical education.


It should not cost an arm and a leg to learn how to fix one. At AUA, we keep our standards high and our tuition low. See for yourself.

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AUA is proud to provide its students with numerous scholarships. To be exact, seventeen different categories. Check out this list.

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Our students present research at conferences across the United States. Our alumni become an integral part of their community. Our faculty and administration continue to shape a growing university whose profile as a standout Caribbean medical school just keeps getting bigger. New opportunities. New milestones. New facilities. New faces. There’s always something exciting happening at AUA.