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Admission Requirements

AUA requires a minimum of 90 credit hours of college courses and strongly recommends that applicants earn a degree from an accredited undergraduate institution. Though an MCAT score is required for admission for US citizens and permanent residents, your numerical score is not considered in AUA’s admissions decision.

The university does award scholarship awards based on high MCAT scores and other criteria.

Please Note:

Applicants that have their MCAT scores for the Spring 2022 Academic Period should submit their scores with their application.

Please speak to your Admissions Director if you do not have an MCAT score due to the COVID-19 pandemic or the unavailability of testing centers. Exceptions will be made based on guidance from the US Department of Education. Applicants will be assessed on their undergraduate and prerequisite GPAs, letters of recommendation, and other admissions requirements as listed on our website.

What You’ll Need to Apply

  • Admissions Prerequisites

    The following courses are highly recommended for success in medical school:

    Course Credits – Course Credits – Lab
    General Biology I 3 1
    General Biology II 3 1
    General Chemistry I 3 1
    General Chemistry II 3 1
    Organic Chemistry I 3 1
    Organic Chemistry II 3 1
    Physics I 3 1
    English I 3
    Mathematics (Calculus OR Statistics) 3

    A conditional acceptance may be rendered with one of the above courses in progress as long as the student successfully completes the course prior to his or her start date. IB and AP credits are acceptable only where those credits are part of a candidate’s BS/BA transcript and the candidate received a BS/BA degree.



    American International College of Arts and Sciences – Antigua’s (AICASA) pre-med program gives qualified premedical students the opportunity to complete 60 undergraduate school credits, including all prerequisites required to enter medical school, in two years. It also provides an opportunity for students who are missing specific medical school prerequisites.


  • Resume/CV

    All applicants will need to submit an up-to-date resume/CV that includes information about your education/earned degrees, professional experiences, licenses/certifications, awards, recognitions, and other details that would be relevant to AUA’s Admissions Committee.

  • Transcripts

    Applicants need to provide all official transcripts from each undergraduate, graduate, medical, and/or professional school attended. Students should provide official electronic transcripts (eTranscripts) utilizing their schools online ordering system to provide AUA secure certified PDF official transcripts. Most universities and colleges use a third-party system called Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse for official electronic transcript ordering. Electronic methods of delivery are the fastest and most efficient means to send official transcripts.

    Though unofficial transcripts may be uploaded to the application tracker for the purposes of review, official transcripts must be received before registration.

    Please email your transcripts to [email protected] or mail them to the following address:

    Manipal Education Americas, LLC
    American University of Antigua College of Medicine
    Department of Admissions
    40 Wall Street, 10th Floor
    New York, NY 10005

  • Personal Statement

    Your personal statement needs to:

    • Be typed with 1.5-line spacing
    • Be no less than one page and no more than two pages in length
    • Explain the reasons for pursuing a career in medicine, what makes the applicant a potential asset to AUA, and any significant accomplishments or additional information that would be useful to the Admissions Committee in evaluating the application
    • Include your full name

    Note that plagiarism is an academic offense and will disqualify applicants from consideration.

  • Letters of Recommendation

    At least one of your two letters of recommendation must be from a science professor who has taught you and knows your academic abilities. If you haven’t taken a science class in two or more years, we’ll accept a second professional letter in its place (from a non-science professor or employer, medical colleague, or other professional). A pre-health committee letter will typically satisfy the requirements of both letters.

    Students will be interviewed as part of the admissions process, either in person or remotely.

    Applications will be reviewed not more than one year prior to the applicant’s anticipated start date.

  • International Applicants
    • Are you an applicant from Canada? View admissions requirements for Canada
    • Are you an applicant from India? View admissions requirements for India
    • Are you an applicant from the UK? View admissions requirements for UK

    International applicants must complete the application as described above.

    Applicants who have completed their undergraduate studies in countries having an educational system different from that of the United States will be evaluated on their merits and will be expected to have completed a pre-medical curriculum comparable to one offered in the U.S. All required documents, if originally in a foreign language, must be accompanied by a notarized English translation. All transcripts documenting postsecondary course work completed in institutions outside the United States must also be evaluated by an approved international credential evaluation service such as World Education Services or other National Association of Credential Evaluations Services (NACES) members.

    AUA’s curriculum is taught in English, and all accepted students must be proficient in English. We may require a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Test System (IELTS) test score and/or require an admissions faculty interview from any applicant if it appears  that English language proficiency could interfere with that student’s academic success at AUA. The TOEFL code assigned to American University of Antigua College of Medicine is B573.

    An international applicant who completes his/her required academic courses from an English-speaking academic institution will be exempt from this requirement.

  • Other Application Requirements
    • Candidates who have taken MD courses at a medical, dental, podiatry or DO schools will be required to submit a “dean’s letter” in addition to transcripts from those institutions. See AUA’s Transfer Policy for more.
    • All students are required to submit a criminal background check (CBC) prior to starting at AUA. Applicants who have any violation appearing on a CBC are required to submit the CBC documentation before their application is reviewed by the Admissions Failure to submit a CBC in advance of a decision may result in a reversal of acceptance.
    • The AUA Admissions Committee may require a TOEFL or IELTS test scores and/or require an Admissions Faculty interview from any applicant if it appears that English language proficiency could interfere with that student’s academic success at AUA. An international applicant who completes his/her required academic courses from an English-speaking academic institution will be exempt from this requirement. Applicants should aim for a TOEFL score of 80 or better (Internet-based total, or its equivalent on the Computer-based or Paper- based versions) or an IELTS score of 6.5 (Overall Band Score) or better.
  • Transfer Policy

    AUA does not transfer credits from any other medical school or program. Applicants who attended another medical school will be evaluated for eligibility into the first period of Preclinical Sciences only and must meet the same undergraduate criteria as a new student.

    Candidates who attended another medical school are required to obtain transcripts and a letter from the dean’s office of that school confirming the enrollment dates and stating whether or not the applicant has been the subject of any disciplinary action.

    AUA does not consider medical school readiness programs or certificate level programs unless those courses are part of an accredited undergraduate or graduate level degree- granting program. A dean’s letter and transcripts are not required for these programs. Applicants who participated in these programs and did not attend any other medical school classes should select “New Applicant” on the AUA application form.

  • Deferrals

    At AUA, you can request to defer your class start date by one semester, on a one-time basis. Valid reasons for deferring include:

    • Personal or family injury/illness
    • Unanticipated financial aid/loan issues
    • Travel/immigration issues
    • Academic or employment obligations

    A $1,000 nonrefundable deferral fee is required for all requests—this amount will be applied to tuition for first semester if you start class by the deferral date. You will need to provide supporting documentation when you submit your deferral request.

    After your request, a representative from AUA’s Department of Admissions will email you once a decision is made. This may take up to 30 days.

    Please note that deferrals are not guaranteed. If your deferral request is accepted and you are later unable to attend the deferred semester, you’ll have to reapply.

    If your deferral request is denied, you can either remain in your accepted term or reapply for a future class.

    In all cases, awarded scholarships do not automatically roll forward to the deferred term. All applicants will need to be re-evaluated for financial awards.

    Students with approved deferrals may not attend another medical school during the deferral time period, and will be required to confirm the above before matriculating.

    Please email Kelley Taptich, AUA’s National Director of Admissions, to request a deferral.

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