No matter what career path you choose for yourself, many believe pedigree can significantly impact your future. Thus, those wishing to become medical professionals are under the impression that the journey to becoming a medical professional requires rigorous training at a highly decorated university. This thought process has opened doors to MBBS courses abroad for Indian students at some of the world’s finest universities, not just in India. 

Why Should You Pursue MBBS Abroad?

Pursuing medicine and related health science is one of the most prevalent career choices besides engineering. The incredible avenues and future possibilities offered by MBBS courses continue to attract academically bright students all around the world. In recent years, however, medical study abroad for Indian students is leading many to pursue opportunities that allow them to practice medicine and settle in any part of the world.

Apart from that, here are few other reasons why students seek MBBS admissions abroad:

  1. Tough Competition in Indian Colleges: The country has approximately 542 medical schools across all states. Thus, heavy competition among aspiring students is inevitable, leading to only a fraction making the final cut.
  2. Great Need for Doctors in the Country: There is a growing need for greater practising medical professionals in India as the doctor-population ratio is quite lower than WHO’s recommendation of 1:1000. As of January 2021, the ratio stood at 1:1456. 
  3. Efficient Practical Learning: MBBS colleges abroad offer state-of-the-art facilities along with a highly stimulating environment for applied learning, which is as important as academic knowledge in the field of medicine.  
  4. Exposure to Different Cultures: Studying abroad exposes individuals to foreign cultures, different races and environments. Such experiences can further help broaden perspectives and grow as an individual, not just from an academic standpoint.
  5. Better Return on Investment (ROI): A professional degree from a college or university abroad offers one the opportunity to get paid after completing an undergraduate program. For example, Match is a residency program for international students in the United States of America and is quite beneficial for those intending to settle there.

Which Factors to Consider before Pursuing MBBS Abroad?

Before making the pivotal choice of applying for an MBBS degree abroad, several factors need to be taken into consideration. Listed below are some of them that can influence your decision:

1. The Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in India differs greatly from courses abroad. The long list includes the following requirements: 

  1. The student should be 17 years old or turning 17 by the 31st of December of the year of admission. 
  2. Passing marks in all three science subjects in the 12th standard is mandatory, with exceptions given to students studying in the ICSE curriculum. 
  3. A minimum of 70% in the NEET examination is mandatory for all applicants.
  4. Non-Indian citizens studying in India under a curriculum that does not have any Science subjects can apply under some conditions. In such cases, Math or English subjects will be the alternatives

Thus, you must ensure you fulfill all these requirements before considering applying for MBBS courses abroad.

2. The University

One of the most important factors to consider when you decide to pick an MBBS course abroad is the university you wish to enrol in. Different universities have different highlights and perks. As a medical aspirant, you must review and decide whether the university has the facilities that you seek. 

3. The Cost of Education

Studying MBBS courses abroad for Indian students can be an expensive affair. This becomes more apparent with medical colleges as the academic supplies alone can be quite costly. This may also vary depending upon the university. 

You may also want to look at the scholarships and any financial aid the university offers. 

4. The Curriculum

Since every medical college will have a different course guide and format of teaching, it is important that your learning patterns are fully in sync with them. For this, you may need to do a little research and dig deeper into their teaching techniques. 

For example, some colleges may follow a traditional approach where the academic and practical knowledge imparted to students is vastly different. In contrast, some universities may follow an integrated approach where students start learning about anatomy from day one. Colleges such as the American University of Antigua (AUA) follow the integrated curriculum that may be the right choice for you. Be sure you fully understand these aspects. 

5. Accommodation

It is vital to inquire about the university’s accommodation in question from a safety standpoint. Furthermore, since you are entirely on your own in a foreign country, you must evaluate the various facilities such as on-campus hostel, mixed housing, and gender-segregated accommodation provided to students so that you can make a wise call. 

Enquire whether the school offers on-campus accommodation, and, if yes, make sure to get the full information regarding the cost. If there are no accommodations available on campus, you may need to get acquainted with students, preferably Indian, to look at other housing options.

6. Student Lifestyle

Another crucial factor determining whether you have made the right choice is the lifestyle offered as per the college’s location in question. This includes the climate, cuisine, living conditions, area, and local culture. For some, even one of these factors can make or break their decision to apply at the university. As a whole, these factors can impact one’s life beyond the classroom and encourage or hamper personal growth. 

7. Class Strength

This factor applies to almost any course you wish to opt for. It is crucial that you pick a University that offers focused learning where teachers can form a strong rapport with students. A typical classroom strength for medical colleges ranges anywhere between 50 and 300. If you prefer a more intimate learning experience, a smaller class size may suit your needs better, whereas a larger group will allow you to explore diversity and friendships. The choice is ultimately yours.  

8. Location

An ideal locality will ensure you gain the maximum benefits of the campus and its facilities. Whether it is the availability of transportation services, grocery supplies, recreational possibilities, or easy access to daily essentials — all are attributed to the location you choose to live in. Another thing worth looking into would be the access to Indian cuisine, which may or may not be a deal-breaker for many students.

Explore MBBS Courses Abroad for Indian Students at AUAMED

We hope the listed factors that need to be considered when pursuing MBBS courses abroad for Indian students can help them make the right career choice. Before you finalise your decision, we would suggest exploring one of the finest medical institutes abroad — the American University of Antigua (AUA), where admissions are currently open for both Pre-med and MD programs. 

Irrespective of where you wish to practice in future, AUAMED serves as an ideal institute to learn and grow into a medical professional. The university’s graduates are eligible for residency and licensure throughout India, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Feel free to get in touch by filling out the application on the website. You could even request information regarding the enrolment procedure. The team will promptly get back to you.