AUA is one of the only Caribbean medical schools to consistently land graduates in Ivy League institutions for residencies and fellowships. Read on to see where our alumni have earned prestigious post-grad positions:


A couple AUA grads added their blue to Harvard’s crimson. Dr. Regina Krel (Class of 2011) is currently a Headache Medicine Fellow at Brigham Women’s Hospital/Harvard Headache Medicine at John R. Graham Headache Center. Before earning an Integrated Plastic Surgery residency at LSU, Dr. Radbeh Torabi (Class of 2009) was a General Surgery Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard’s main teaching hospital.


Dr. Radmehr Torabi (Class of 2008) who happens to be Radbeh’s brother, was a research scientist at Rhode Island Hospital for two years before earning a high profile Neurosurgery residency. And, yes, the brothers do have a rivalry, but they’re clearly on an even playing field.


Last year, AUA added two alumni to Yale-New Haven Hospital’s roster. Dr. Adrian Wyllie (Class of 2014) is a Surgery Resident. After serving as the Chief Categorical Internal Medicine Resident at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, NJ, Dr. Bilal Khan (Class of 2011) earned one of the two Critical Care Fellowships available at the hospital.


After spending a transitional year at St. Joseph’s in Syracuse, NY, Dr. Michael Talarico (Class of 2014) is a Radiology-Diagnostic Resident at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. To arrive on time for his initial interview, he had to drive from Nebraska to New Hampshire – in the middle of a blizzard. Find out more about him in his blog post.


Alumni have worked on both sides of the aisle at Columbia: one as a teacher and one as a student. Currently a Family Medicine physician, Dr. Iyad Baker (Class of 2008) is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Department of Pediatrics at Columbia. Before earning a Surgical Critical Care Fellowship at the University of Florida, Dr. Sanjiv Gray (Class of 2009) was a General Surgery Resident at Harlem Hospital, one of Columbia’s teaching hospitals.

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