It’s Commencement week again! Well, at least at AUA. If you’re graduating from a Caribbean medical school this week, here are some reasons to prove you made the right choice for your medical education:

Closer community

Caribbean medical schools are known for having closer knit communities than U.S. medical schools. Since this is the first time studying abroad for many students, everyone can share a common experience. You’ll make friends for life and, more importantly, create a great professional network after you graduate. It will be like having your own secret society. Neat!

Global perspective

When you’re a physician, you’ll have to work with patients from a variety of backgrounds. By studying in the Caribbean, you connect with people from many cultures starting day one. Apart from your diverse student body, engaging with your island’s citizens will give you a more global perspective. You’ll be thoroughly prepared to interact with any patient by the time you graduate.


By attending a Caribbean medical school, you’ll have more experience than U.S. medical students by moving between different hospital settings. Caribbean medical schools typically have clinical affiliates throughout the U.S. in varying regions: urban and rural locations, Spanish speaking and English speaking areas, and many more diverse parts of the country. This will give you a huge advantage when applying for residencies. You’ll have insider knowledge that many other candidates may lack.

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