Undoubtedly, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the most difficult exams to crack in India. For many medical aspirants, cracking the NEET exam in the first attempt is a dream come true. Every year, lakhs of students appear for the NEET exams, and only a few thousand are selected due to the difficulty of 

the exam, lack of training, and limited seats in government medical colleges and private universities. 

NEET has now become a rat race. It has increased the stress level of students significantly. However, if you appear for the NEET exams, you can hope to clear it in the first attempt with the right learning methods, strong dedication, and constant guidance. If you are wondering how to prepare for NEET PG, how to crack NEET PG in the first attempt, how to study for NEET PG, or how to prepare for NEET PG without coaching, you have come to the right place. 

What is NEET PG?

NEET PG is a National Eligibility cum Entrance Test that students must mandatorily clear to qualify and pursue postgraduate programs such as MD (Doctor of Medicine), Master of Surgery (MS), or any other medical diplomas. According to the NEET PG exam pattern for 2021, the exam duration is 3 hours and 30 mins. The exam will have 200 multiple choice questions with a maximum score of 800. The number of questions was reduced from 300 to 200 in 2021. The marking scheme is as follows:

Answers Score 
Correct answer4
Wrong answer-1

This computer-based exam has three parts: A, B, and C. However, for NEET 2021, no such subject-wise distribution has been announced yet. According to the NEET admit card released by the National Testing Agency (NTA), over 16 lakh NEET registration is recorded and still counting. The significant increase in registration is due to the delay in the exam, which is the result of the pandemic. 

How to Prepare for NEET PG and Clear it in the First Attempt?

After registering for the NEET exam, students have one question: How to crack NEET PG in the first attempt? Yes, with over 16 lakh students competing for a few thousand medical seats, the competition is tough. Therefore, medical aspirants should be mentally prepared to crack the NEET exam. Dedication, time, smart learning, determination, discipline, and patience will help you clear the NEET PG exam.  

How to Prepare for NEET PG without Coaching?

Here are seven studying techniques that will help you clear NEET PG without expensive coaching from educational institutions. 

  1. Have a smart learning strategy: We all know that smart work is required to crack an exam of this magnitude, not just hard work. Create a smart learning strategy that will help you save time and make learning interesting. How to develop a smart learning strategy?
    1. The first step is to understand your syllabus. This not only involves reading each topic but also finalising which topics will be covered in the NEET 2021 exam. This will help you analyse which topic is important and holds more weightage in the NEET exam and which topics do not carry high weightage. 
    2. Understand your NEET exam pattern and study the applicable marking scheme. Understand the guidelines such as negative marking and attempt the exam accordingly. 
  2. Solve previous years’ question papers: Go through all the previous years’ question papers and available sample papers. Score yourself and see how you perform. 
  3. Create a study schedule and stick to it: Like your school days, draw up a schedule and allot dedicated time to finish each topic. You can use an excel sheet to create a schedule, but remember to give yourself enough time to revise important topics before the exam.
  4. Get a mentor: Yes, studying NEET PG without coaching is possible. However, you need a mentor to guide you and help you stay on the right track. Ask your seniors who have cleared NEET PG or a teacher who can help. Get as much support and guidance as you can.
  5. Leverage mock tests: One of the important steps while preparing for NEET PG is to register for online mock tests. While you may have solved previous years’ papers, taking online mock tests will give you a real-time exam experience.
  6. Choose the right books: Choose the right NEET 2021 books. Your study material is very crucial for your NEET preparation. You can join forums to discuss NEET books and choose the right one.
  7. Take advantage of online forums and classes: If you do not wish to opt for traditional NEET coaching methods, use online forums. There are a plethora of forums where you can connect with students preparing for NEET exams, teachers, mentors, etc. 

Other Important NEET Preparation Tips

  1. Do not study all the time. You will not be able to remember all that you’ve studied if you overwork your brain. Divide your study time into 2-3 hours and take regular breaks. Studying all the time will take a toll on your health. Take care of your body and mind as you need them to function optimally when appearing for the NEET exam. 
  2. Allot a dedicated study spot. Studying while lying on your bed, watching tv, or in a crowded place is very distracting. Set aside a study table and make it a habit to study while you are there. This will help you differentiate between your study time and playtime.
  3. Make short notes on important topics. Avoid writing lengthy sentences. This does not only take time but will lead you to forget what you’ve studied. Short notes with abbreviations will help you remember better. 
  4. Get your basics right. Solving complex NEET questions requires a strong understanding of the basics. 
  5. Dedicate time for recreational activities such as listening to music or playing a sport. This will help you concentrate better and improve your productivity. 
  6. Set a target test score and keep achieving it through sample papers and mock tests. This will keep you motivated and give you the confidence you need when appearing for the actual exams.
  7. Track your progress. Record the subject-wise marks you score in every paper, mock test, and online test. Compare your scores and identify your areas of improvement and concentrate on that subject till you score high.
  8. Sleep is very crucial for your body and mind to function. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day.
  9. Stress can be a very big hindrance in your NEET preparation. Make sure you stay healthy, happy, and stress-free. 

Is the NEET PG Exam Really Difficult?

Yes, the NEET PG exam is highly competitive. As the exam structure, syllabus, marking system, etc., are set by the National Board of Examination, the standards are high and it is tough to crack. But, it is not impossible. If you follow the above seven techniques and stay determined, you will know how to prepare for the next PG exam and how to crack NEET PG in the first attempt. Knowledge is very important to crack the NEET exam. However, after the pandemic and the constant delays in the examinations, students are highly stressed and anxious. Apart from preparing for your exam academically, it is very important to let go of stress, avoid negativity, and gain confidence. All the best!