Tracy Kodiyan’s research team project, “The association between ethnicity and glucose metabolism disorders in Northern Colombia in 2015,” has been accepted as a finalist for the abstract competition at the ACP conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Numerous groups including the World Health Organization and the International Diabetes Federation are recognizing the increasing prevalence of glucose metabolism disorders (GMD). As there have been limited studies examining the association between ethnicity and diabetes in Latin America, Tracy’s team’s objective was to determine if there was a correlation between the two in northern Colombia, in 2015.

They concluded there was no connection between Afro-Colombian ethnicity and GMD, as compared to non-Afro-Colombians. The study team did find, however, that there was a high rate of undetected GMD in both ethnic groups and recommended implementing screening strategies to detect GMD in this population.

Congratulations to Tracy Kodiyan and her team on the success of their study!