In early April, a devastatingly tragic bus crash in Canada left 15 people killed and an additional 14 people injured, when a semi-trailer collided into a rural hockey club’s team bus on its way to a playoff game.

Hassan Masri — a AUA graduate — is an intensive care unit doctor at the Royal University Hospital on the University of Saskatchewan campus, and described the hospital scene to The Globe and Mail.

Dr. Masri said the facility went into Code Orange, alerting staff to expect mass casualties, “Most of us have never really witnessed anything like that in our careers.”

With Syrian parents and experience volunteering with Doctors Without Borders in 2012, Dr. Masri further said the scene in Saskatoon was similar to a war zone. He recalled delivering news of horrific injuries to distraught parents, only to see them smile with relief to learn their children were alive.

The American University of Antigua extends its deepest sympathies to the friends and family of the victims.