As part of our mission to prepare students to become successful U.S. physicians, AUA graduates have been highly successful in securing U.S. residencies through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).

The NRMP Main Match is set up to provide impartial matching for applicants’ preferences for residency positions with program directors’ preferences for applicants. According to the NRMP, “this was the largest Match in history: 29,890 applicants participated—1,153 more than last year and 4,500 more than participated five years ago. More than half the participants in this year’s Match were U.S. medical school seniors (15,638), 400 more than in 2008.”

Other participants in the 2009 Match included:*

• 10,874 graduates of international medical schools—an increase of 570 participants from last year

• 2,015 students and graduates of osteopathic (D.O. degree-granting) schools—an increase of 145 from 2008

• 1,222 physicians who previously graduated from medical (M.D. degree-granting) schools—a slight increase of 38 participants from 2008

* Information from