The only medical school in the Caribbean to secure this landmark agreement.

American University of Antigua College of Medicine (AUA) holds two programs conducted in collaboration with Florida International University (FIU): The Global Health Track and the Graduate Core Clinical Clerkship Program.

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Global M.D. Program

In collaboration with FIU, this innovative curriculum prepares tomorrow's doctors for a medical landscape that includes diverse groups of patients, and requires physicians to be well versed in the social determinants of health. Lectures, research opportunities, field trips, and intensive seminars on global health topics supplement the Basic Sciences curriculum. This, in addition to clinical rotations at FIU-affiliated clinical sites in Florida and opportunities to complete international elective rotations, enable Global M.D. graduates to communicate and practice medicine across cultures in an increasingly borderless world.

Graduate Core Clinical Clerkship Program

Qualified AUA College of Medicine students can complete all of their core clinical rotations at clinical sites affiliated with FIU with FIU medical faculty dedicated to teaching the Graduate Clinical Core Rotation Certificate Program. In addition to core rotations, AUA students have the opportunity to attend elective rotations at FIU. Those elective rotations include medical research projects.

Our Accreditations

AUA is one of only three medical schools in the Caribbean to be approved by New York and Florida State Education Departments, recognized by the Medical Boards of California and India, and accredited by CAAM-HP. This allows clinical students to obtain clerkships and graduates to earn licensure throughout the U.S., Canada, and India. AUA is also one of the few medical schools in the Caribbean that offer U.S. Federal Direct Loan Programs as well as Canadian federal and provincial loans.


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