Faculty Administration

Executive Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs - Dr. Robert Mallin
Robert Mallin

University Provost

Dr. Mallin graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in 1981 and finished a residency in Family Medicine at the same institution in 1984.

He was a Tenured Professor at the Medical University of South Carolina and a staff physician in hospitals throughout South Carolina. He is the recipient of the Teacher of the Year Trident/ MUSC Family Medicine Residency award, Golden Oyster Teaching Award MUSC/Trident Family Medicine Residency Program, Navy Achievement Medal for lifesaving medical services rendered to an injured sailor, and numerous Teacher of the Month awards.

roy russ
Roy Russ

Dean of Basic Sciences

Dean of Students, Professor and Department Chair - Dr. Reza Sanii
Reza Sanii

Dean of Student Affairs,Graduate Studies
Professor of Physiology


Associate Dean for Admissions, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, and Professor - Dr. James Rice
James Rice

Associate Dean of Admissions
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Professor and Acting Chair, Department of Behavioral and Neurosciences


Professor - Dr. Richard Millis
Richard Millis

Professor of Physiology
Associate Dean of Research
Chair of Research Committee

Dr. Ronnie Coutinho - Associate Dean of Academic Matters, Professor & Chair
Ronnie Coutinho

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Professor and Chair of Pathology

Juli Valtshanoff

Associate Dean of Assessments and Evaluations
Professor of Medical Cell Biology

Professor - Nandini Rao
Nandini Rao

Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs


Assistant Professor - Dr. Karron James
Karron James

Associate Professor of Cell Biology
Associate Dean of Curriculum
Acting Chair of Basic Sciences
Chair of Admissions Committee

Vice President for Administrative Services & Community Affairs Director – Emergency Medicine Training Centre & Clinical Simulations AHA ITC Programs Director - Vernon Solomon
Vernon Solomon

Vice President for Administration & Community Affairs and Director of EMTC