Education Enhancement Dept

Education Enhancement Department

Education Enhancement Department

The Education Enhancement Department (EED) empowers students to realize their potential by providing services and activities that complement and enrich classroom instruction, improve student performance, and advance instructional goals for learning, retention, and progression.

Studying for medical school is quite different from undergraduate and other professions. The sheer volume of information requires specific study strategies that we know work in medical education and for long-term retention needed as a practicing physician. It is not enough to memorize or even understand concepts, you will need to be able to analyze and evaluate information to be successful in medical school and your career.

EED Initiatives

• New Student Orientation

• One-on-one academic advising with EED faculty member learning specialists

• Medical Scholars Program

– Peer-led active learning sessions

– Peer-led individual tutoring

• Study Groups – We assist students with finding a study group.

• Mentor Program – We pair Med 2 and Med 3 students as mentors to Med 1 students.

• Academic Success Program – The AUA Academic Success Program (ASP) is a mandatory program, to provide all students who were unsuccessful in two or more Basic Science courses for their Block One examination with essential academic support and resources to assist them in their future academic achievement.

• Re-boot – a supportive program for students repeating Semester One, Two, Three, and Four

• Semester Action Plans to assist with studying for comprehensive examinations

In-class and voluntary workshops on various topics such as:

• Study Strategies

• Time Management

• Active Learning

• Critical Thinking/Working with Multiple Choice Questions

• Cognitive Skills

• Social Support

• Interpersonal Skills in Medicine

• Art Therapy

• Learning and Study Strategies for Medical Education

• Test Anxiety

• Concept Mapping

• Wellness/Nutrition

We invite you to stop by our offices at any time. If we are available, we are happy to assist you immediately. If not, you can make an appointment and pick up any of the study strategy materials that we offer.

Clinical Education Department

AUA’s Education Enhancement Department continues to offer students academic guidance and resources after they’ve left campus to complete clinical rotations in the United States. Offering academic assistance, advisement, counseling, materials, and other resources, the Clinical Education Department’s foremost mission is to ensure the continued success of AUA’s students and faculty.

Utilizing technology, the department offers group learning, peer mentorship, and tutoring—providing enhanced support to students of all achievement levels so they may strengthen their performance through every stage of their medical education.

Students and faculty are encouraged to take advantage of the department’s extensive list of services, which include:

Academic Assistance, Advisement, and Counseling for Students includes:
  • Assisting students’ academic performance via Skype or phone.
  • Assessment of student challenges, study and test-taking strategy recommendations, and direction towards learning resources
  • Guidance and ongoing support for students experiencing academic or personal anxiety, and directing them to professional help as needed.
  • Monitoring of student performance on exams, contacting academically challenged students (including those who underperformed on Step 1) to provide them with assistance and resources.
Materials and Programs for Students include:
  • “Tips for Success” articles distributed via Blackboard.
  • FM1/IM1 Foundations of Clinical Education, an online program incorporating cultural competency training and professionalism, and awarding the “Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety” certificate sponsored by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School.
  • The Clinical Partners online TA program, providing peer mentorship for new clinical students.
  • The Question Partners online TA program, focusing on improving students’ clinical/critical thinking with USMLE questions.
  • One-on-One Tutoring sessions for eligible students, utilizing the self-explanationapproach to clinical reasoning.
  • The AUA Mindfulness Program, teaching students the principles and practice of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).
  • Additional materials such as the USMLE exams handbook and Blackboard courses with learning resources for students.
Faculty Development resources and materials include:
  • The Clinical Faculty Information Center, a library of digital research articles, important AUA announcements, current editions of AUA handbooks, USMLE announcements, and more.
  • The Medlines Faculty Development Newsletter, produced quarterly with articles on medical education, links to research and videos, and updates on student resources.
  • Live Online Workshops and Presentations, offered remotely through GoToTraining, then recorded and archived in the AUA video library.
  • Instructional Design Services, accommodating faculty requests to enhance teaching, assessment or instructional design.
  • Student E-Learning Data, as provided by faculty on how students are utilizing Blackboard, MedU, and APGO during their rotations.