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Learn everything about AUA from the people who know it best – its students and alumni. AUA student bloggers will give you greater insight into the daily life of a Caribbean medical school student and the benefits of studying at AUA. Some highlights from our student blogs: How I Raised My USMLE Score by 45 Points (Step 1 to Step 2 CK), How I Survived My First Semester at AUA, FIU HWCOM: An AUA Student’s Review, Time Enough At Last: An Clinical Rotation From Start to Finish, A Medical Emergency on the Last Day of Pediatrics, and What Makes AUA (and Antigua) Unique.


A Doctor’s Work Ethic

At a certain point in medical school you probably looked around and realized that being smart isn’t all that special.  Most students are pretty smart.  But what’s harder to find – and what leads to the highest levels of achievement – is a strong work ethic and character. Which brings me to Michael Talarico, an… Read More…


How I Raised My USMLE Score by 45 Points (Step 1 to Step 2 CK)

This Tip of the Week is based on an interview with AUA student Omar Taha who recently matched in internal medicine at Maimonides. Omar’s score bump and volunteer work helped him secure 31 interview invitations from internal medicine and family medicine programs. If I were to summarize Omar’s approach to his clinical years, I would… Read More…