Requirements for admission to the AUA College of Medicine.










AUA requires a minimum of 90 credit hours of college courses, but strongly recommends that applicants earn a degree from an accredited undergraduate institution*. The following courses are prerequisites*

  • General Biology I course – 3 credits
  • General Biology I Lab – 1 credit
  • General Biology II course – 3 credits
  • General Biology II Lab – 1 credit
  • General Chemistry I course – 3 credits
  • General Chemistry I Lab – 1 credit
  • General Chemistry II course – 3 credit
  • General Chemistry II Lab – 1 credit
  • Organic Chemistry I course – 3 credits
  • Organic Chemistry I Lab – 1 credit
  • Organic Chemistry II course – 3 credits
  • Organic Chemistry II Lab – 1 credit
  • Physics I course – 3 credits
  • Physics I Lab - 1 credit
  • English I course – 3 credits
  • Mathematics (Calculus OR Statistics) – 3 credits

(*Applicants who have not completed these courses will not be considered for admission into the college of medicine program.)

It is recommended that applicants complete advanced science courses in biochemistry, anatomy & physiology, genetics, microbiology, etc.
Currently, AUA does not accept IB/AP credits for students unless those credits are part of a student’s BS/BA transcript and were certified by the degree-granting institution. In rare instances, work experience may be used to satisfy some prerequisites. Contact the Admissions Department if you have any questions about your application or need a preliminary evaluation of your credentials.

*In an articulation agreement entitled FAST TRACK to the Medical School Program, American University of Antigua has agreed to accept American International College of Arts and Sciences Antigua graduates who completed the prescribed A.S. in Health Sciences curriculum and attain a minimum cumulative GPA set by AUACOM.




A complete application for admission into the AUA College of Medicine program contains the following documentation:

  • A completed AUA College of Medicine application for admission form
    • The application must have all sections completely filled and must be signed at the end
  • Passport Photo
    • For details on what the requirements are, please visit this link.
    • Details also available here.
    • Please dress professionally for this photograph; 'no selfies' please.
  • A non-refundable application fee of U.S. $75.00
    • Applicants may submit this electronically at the end of the Online Application with a debit/credit card, over the phone with our Bursars department or by sending a check or money order made payable to AUA, to our Administrative Offices in New York.
  • A Personal Statement
    • This must be typed with a 1.5 line spacing.
    • It should be no less than one page and no more than two pages in length.
    • You should use this essay to explain your reasons for considering a career in medicine, what makes you a potential asset to AUA and any significant accomplishments or additional information that you feel would be useful to the Admissions Committee in evaluating your application.
    • The personal statement must include your full name
    • Plagiarism is an academic offense and will disqualify you from consideration.
  • A current resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • All Official transcripts from each undergraduate, graduate, medical, and/or professional school the applicant has attended.
    • These must be mailed directly from the institution to AUA’s New York office in a sealed envelope.
    • Unofficial transcripts may be submitted in order to speed up the process but they must be printed or retrieved from a school’s website and emailed or faxed to the respective Admissions Coordinator
    • Screen-shots will not be accepted or considered
    • Applicants who have completed their undergraduate studies in countries having an educational system different from that of the United States will be evaluated on their merits and will be expected to have completed a pre-medical curriculum comparable to that described. All required documents, if originally in a foreign language, must be accompanied by a notarized English translation. All transcripts documenting post-secondary course work completed in institutions outside the United States must also be evaluated by an approved international credential evaluation service such as World Education Services or other National Association of Credential Evaluations Services (NACES) member.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation:
    • One Academic Official Letter of Recommendation
      • This letter must be from a professor that the applicant has had a lecture course with
      • The academic recommendation should be from a science professor who is acquainted with the applicant's academic ability.
      • A Dean's letter is required for all applicants who are transferring from another medical school.
      • This letter must be on official letterhead stationery and signed by the recommender.
      • An academic letter of recommendation is not required for those applicants have been out of school for two or more years.
      • A Pre-health Committee recommendation package from your college or university will satisfy this requirement.
    • One Professional Official Letter of Recommendation
      • This letter may be sent on your behalf from employers, medical colleagues and other advisors
      • This letter must be on official letterhead stationery and signed by the recommender.
      • All letters must be mailed directly to our Administrative Offices in New York Admissions Office.
  • MCAT Scores
    • The MCAT is not required for admission. American University of Antigua believes there is no correlation between MCAT scores and becoming a licensed, successful and caring physician. However, in order to comply with governmental regulations, starting in February 2013, MCAT scores will be required prior to registration for the second semester from accepted students.
    • In accordance, with our holistic, overall approach to evaluating students, AUA will NOT use MCAT scores as a condition for acceptance into the University.
    • Only accepted students who are U.S. citizens, nationals or eligible permanent residents will be required to submit copies of their scores—listing all attempts.



AUA is now accepting transfer students into the Clinical semesters. Please contact an admissions representative for further information.


The Admissions Committee accepts credits for transfer from U.S. medical schools and the following Caribbean medical schools :

  • American University of the Caribbean (St. Maarten)
  • Medical University of the Americas (Nevis)
  • Ross University (Dominica)
  • Saba University (Saba)
  • St. George’s University (Grenada)
  • St. Matthews University (Grand Cayman)

 The Admissions Committee does not accept credits for transfer from:

  • All American Institute of Medical Sciences (Jamaica)
  • All Saints University (Dominica)
  • American Global University (Belize)
  • American International Medical University (St. Lucia)
  • Atlantic University (St. Lucia)
  • Aureus University (Aruba)
  • Avalon University (Curaçao)
  • Caribbean Medical University (Curaçao)
  • Destiny University (St. Lucia)
  • International American University (St. Lucia)
  • International University of Health Sciences (St. Kitts)
  • Medical University of the Americas (Belize)
  • Milik University SOM (St. Kitts)
  • Spartan Health Sciences University (St. Lucia)
  • St. Christopher Ibu Mar Diop (UK)
  • St. James University (Anguilla)
  • St. James University (Bonaire)
  • St. Martinus University (Curaçao)
  • St. Theresa’s University (St. Kitts)
  • Trinity School of Medicine (St. Vincent)
  • Universidad Iboamericana (Dominican Republic)
  • University of Health Sciences (Antigua)
  • University of Medical and Health Sciences (St. Kitts)
  • University of St. Eustatius (St. Eustatius)
  • Windsor University (St. Kitts)
  • Xavier University (Aruba)

This list is not all inclusive. Please check with an admissions counselor to see if AUA will accept transfer credits from your school. 

Transfer students from all mainland U.S. LCME accredited medical schools and DO schools will be considered for acceptance to AUA.

Students from any Caribbean or international medical school will be considered if their extraordinary academic performance and USMLE scores warrant such consideration. These requests will only be forwarded to the committee with the approval of the Senior VP for Enrollment Management, or the University President.




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