Tuition and Fees Information

Tuition and Fees Information

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Loan Program

Loan Program

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Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services

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Veterans Benefits

Veterans Benefits

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Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

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Canadian Loan Program

Canadian Loan Program

Loans available for qualified Canadian students

    American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine offers its students an exceptional education at an affordable rate. The following pages include information regarding tuition and fees, our loan program, scholarship opportunities, and student financial services. All amounts are in USD unless otherwise noted.

    Basic Sciences Antigua — Semesters 1–4, August 2015

    Tuition per Semester* $17,350
    Health Insurance per Semester $590
    Additional Fees:
    Basic Sciences Subject Shelf Exam (Semesters 2 and 4) $165
    Student Government Association (Semesters 1 through 4) $75
    Basic Life Support Certification (Semester 1) $75
    Pre-Advanced Cardiology Life Support  (Semester 2) $40
    Advanced Cardiology Life Support Certification (Semester 4) $250

    Clinical Sciences — Semesters 5–10, July 2015

    Tuition per Semester* $17,900
    Tuition per Semester – Florida International University* $23,000
    Health Insurance per Trimester Premium Period $393
    Additional Fees:
    Comprehensive Shelf Exam (First Attempt, Fifth Semester) $165
    Comprehensive Shelf Exam (Additional Attempts – Post-Fifth Semester, Pre-Sixth Semester) $150
    Core Shelf Exam (No Charge, First Attempt for Semesters Six through Ten) $100
    Step II CK Comprehensive Exam (Semesters Six through Ten) $150

    Additional fees for Step I and Step II CS/CK exams, payable to the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), can be viewed here.


    A $500 seat deposit is due no later than 14 days after receipt of your medical school acceptance letter. A $750 housing deposit is due as soon as possible after you have made contact with your new student coordinator. Housing is on a first-come, first-served basis based on the deposit date. Please be aware that both deposits are applied to overall student charges. If a student is granted a deferral, both deposits will be moved to the appropriate semester of matriculation.

    Health Insurance

    All actively enrolled students are required to have health insurance coverage. A limited benefit injury and sickness plan (United Healthcare) is automatically provided to all students who have not waived coverage; see information here. The premium period for all Basic Sciences/College of Medicine students runs the course of the semester: February–July and August–January, at a cost of $590 per period. For pre-med, Fifth Semester, and Clinical Sciences students, the premium periods occur on a “trimester” basis: January–April, May–August, and September–December; at a cost of $393 per period. If you will be actively enrolled at any point within each premium period, you must have insurance coverage.

    For those of you who have not waived coverage and do not want to, you do not need to take any further action. You will automatically be charged and covered at the beginning of each premium period in which you are actively enrolled. For those of you who have already waived coverage, you also do not need to take any further action. You will not be charged or covered by the school insurance policy unless you request otherwise. If you believe you have waived insurance coverage but would like to confirm, please email to ask if your account has been marked as waiving school insurance coverage.

    If you would like to waive the school insurance policy, you need to do so in advance of the start of the coverage period. For all Basic Sciences/College of Medicine students; You need to provide adequate proof of your own coverage before February 1 (for the spring semester) or August 1 (for the fall semester). For pre-med students; You need to have provided adequate proof of your own coverage before January 1st (for the spring trimester), May 1 (for the summer trimester), or September 1 (for the fall trimester). For Fifth Semester and Clinical Students; You need to have provided adequate proof of your own insurance before the start of any trimester premium period in which you will be actively enrolled.

    Adequate proof of insurance can be as simple as providing a copy of the front and back of your insurance card. It must have your name on it! If you are covered by someone else, we will need to see documentation from the insurance company identifying you as being covered under their policy. Proof of insurance should be emailed to stating that you would like to waive the school-provided health insurance coverage.

    Housing and Housing Damages Deposit

    New students are required to live in student housing for one semester and must pay a $1,000 housing damages deposit (HDD). Both rent and HDD are due prior to the start of classes along with all other charges for tuition and fees per due dates specified on student tuition billing statements. The HDD will be held until the first semester housing obligation is met. At the end of the lease — after the student has moved out, the apartment has been inspected, and appropriate damages or replacement charges have been posted — the HDD will be credited back to the student’s account.

    University Refund Policy

    Refunds are given only for tuition and only when students officially withdraw and a credit balance condition results from the appropriate tuition adjustment. Refunds are not given for leaves of absence. Official withdrawal forms can be obtained from the campus registrar’s office. Clinical students should contact the New York registrar for the proper forms.

    Tuition credit adjustments will be given according to the following:

    • Official withdrawal prior to the first day of class – Credit adjustment for 100% of tuition.
    • Official withdrawal after the start of classes — Prorated credit adjustment for tuition based on the percent of time not attended after the official date of withdrawal.  There will be no tuition credits after 60% of the semester has passed. Click HERE for sample calculations.

    Other Information

    Estimated food and entertainment expenses — $2,500  per semester.

    Bus service (from the seven housing options to the AUA campus) — $450 per semester.

    Campus parking permit — $150 per semester.

    Required textbooks and clinical attire (lab jackets, scrubs, and patient exam kits) may be purchased through the University bookstore, or from other sources.

    *Tuition and fees are subject to change as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

    AUA is excited to announce that the Bank of Lake Mills (BOLM) Medical Education Loan Program (MEL) is now open for qualified students entering the February and August 2015 classes to apply for. Students will be required to have a minimum incoming GPA or transfer GPA (if applicable) of 2.75 or higher, in addition to a minimum FICO score of 675 and/or a cosigner that meets the credit and underwriting criteria of the bank. This program, in addition to covering 100% of tuition and fees, provides an additional $6,000 per semester, which can be used toward the cost of room and board, books, transportation, health insurance, etc.

    Considering the financial burden of medical school tuition, we understand that a loan program may provide you with the resources to fund your medical education. We have always pursued, and will continue to pursue the best possible lending avenues for our students.

    Please contact the Student Financial Services Department at or 877-666-9485 for detailed information and eligibility requirements.


    Student Financial Services (SFS) provides advice to students about financing their education. SFS representatives provide personalized services, including but not limited to:

    • Budgeting

    • Recommendations on improving, repairing, or establishing credit

    • One-on-one credit counseling

    SFS does its utmost to help students obtain funding for a quality education. Students are encouraged to pursue outside grants and scholarships. Representatives are happy to speak with both current and prospective AUA students.

    For more information, please email an SFS representative at or call 877-666-9485.

    AUA recognizes the service and sacrifice of U.S. military veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has approved VA educational benefits to all qualifying students attending AUA College of Medicine. Eligible persons may receive veterans benefits under one of the following:

    • Chapter 30 — Montgomery GI Bill

    • Chapter 31 — Disabled Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Program*

    • Chapter 32 — Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP)

    • Chapter 33 — Post 9/11 GI Bill

    • Chapter 35 — Dependents Educational Assistance Program

    • Chapter 1606 — Montgomery GI Bill/Selected Reserve Educational Assistance Program

    • Chapter 1607 — Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)

    We encourage all interested VA applicants to visit the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Please click the Road Map for Success to begin the process.* Once you have completed your Road Map for Success you will receive your Certificate of Eligibility, which you will need to submit to our VA representatives at American University of Antigua. AUA also offers veteran applicants a $2,500 U.S. Military Veterans Recognition Grant during Basic Sciences. For additional information, visit our scholarship webpage.

    For further details, please contact our VA representative, Ms. Lynnise Pimentel at or visit the VA website.

    *Benefits vary by state. 

    You graduated at the top of your class. You’ve been recognized by your community as a leader. We’ve noticed. American University of Antigua offers qualified students a variety of scholarship opportunities, that reward academic excellence and community and volunteer service. Unless otherwise noted, all scholarships require recipients to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) along with promotion to the next semester. These scholarships include:


    Physician’s Diversification Initiative Grant

    • A grant of $5,000 per semester covering the MD program will be awarded to qualified students who are underrepresented in medicine, have an undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher and a prerequisite GPA of 3.25 or higher, and who are otherwise accepted to AUA by the Admissions Committee. Underrepresented in medicine means those racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population (please see application).

    • The application requires an essay of no more than 500 words and must be accompanied by supporting documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, certificates, awards, and proof of eligibility, if necessary.

    • To apply, download the application here: DIG


    U.S. Military Veterans Recognition Grant

    • A grant of $2,500 per semester, covering four semesters and the Fifth Semester, will be awarded to a limited number of U.S. military veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty, either currently or with an honorable discharge verified by DD214.
    • All recipients must provide official records demonstrating eligibility, and candidates must otherwise meet all admissions standards of AUA.
    • To apply, download the application here: USM.


    The EMT/Paramedic Recognition Grant

    • A grant of $1,500 per semester, covering four semesters and the Fifth Semester, will be awarded to certified EMTs or paramedics in attendance at AUA.
    • Proof of current certification must be provided to the Scholarship Committee. Candidates must otherwise meet all admissions standards of AUA.
    • To apply, download the application here: EMT.


    AUA Research Grant

    • AUA Research Grant is awarded to clinical students who are involved in research. A grant of $500 is awarded to students who fulfill the following criteria:
      • Enrolled and in good standing with AUA.
      • Presently in a clinical semester (Semesters Six through Ten).
      • Research work must have resulted in publication or presentation at the Regional, National, or International level.
      • The research paper should have identified (in the acknowledgments) AUA as the student’s affiliation.
      • Research Grant must be recommended by the Executive dean of Clinical Sciences, AUA, and the chair of AUA’s Research Committee.
      • To apply, download the application here: RGF.


    The Antiguan Tuition Grant

    • A limited number of Antiguan Tuition Grants are available  to Antiguan citizens currently enrolled at AUA.
    • The grant provides tuition for the duration of the MD program. The grant does not cover room, board, transportation, or educational supplies. Some or all clinical rotations may be scheduled at sites in CARICOM nations. Further, the tuition grant for Clinical Sciences covers tuition for “normal” AUA clinical rotations. For any out-of-the-ordinary clinical rotations, such as attending the FIU certificate program, AUA tuition grants will cover the prevailing base tuition rate, and the difference will be the student’s responsibility. AUA cannot guarantee clinical placement in the United States, as immigration to the United States is at the discretion of the U.S. immigration authorities.


    Admissions Committee Scholarship for Academic Achievement

    • Limited scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated academic excellence and are applicants to the MD program. The Admissions Committee nominates all candidates for this scholarship.
    • A grant of $3,500 per semester, covering four semesters and the Fifth Semester, will be awarded to those students with an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.8 and a prerequisite GPA of 3.5 or higher, who are otherwise accepted to AUA by the Admissions Committee. The grant will also be made available for those who completed their undergraduate studies in the United Kingdom and earned a minimum first-class honors (1st) degree classification.
    • Students must have a High Pass each semester to continue receiving this scholarship.


    The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) Scholarship for Students of Indian Descent

    • This scholarship provides half tuition covering four Basic Sciences semesters at AUA.
    • AAPI limited scholarships do not include room, board, transportation, or educational supplies.
    • AUA applicants will ideally possess a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of at least 3.50 and a prerequisite GPA of 3.25 or higher, and otherwise be accepted to AUA by the Admissions Committee.
    • To apply, download the application here: AAPI.


    Before You Apply for One of These Scholarships, Please Make Sure You Have the Following:

    • Completed enrollment application (as applicable to AUA).
    • Completed scholarship application.
    • Copies of all your transcripts from all schools/colleges/universities attended (if not already submitted to Admissions Department).
    • Letter of recommendation specifically for scholarship from a professional or academic source.


    All Applications Should Be Submitted to:

    Admissions Department
    ATTN: Shyam Dharia
    Manipal Education Americas, LLC, Representative of:
    American University of Antigua
    One Battery Park Plaza, 33rd Floor
    New York, NY 10004

    Applications must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee (SC) at least eight weeks prior to the start of the semester. All award recipients will be notified in writing and via telephone two weeks after the SC has made a decision. The SC meets at least twice each semester to evaluate all applications, and all decisions are final and not open to appeal.

    A separate application is required for each scholarship, outlining academic successes and challenges, community service, and/or professional achievements and recognitions. Scholarship(s) are solely used to reduce tuition cost and cannot result in a cash refund. Grant/scholarship awards will be in the form of credit toward tuition. Category, quantity, and length of award, number of awards, and requirements for any/all grant/scholarship programs are subject to change without prior notice. All awards will cover just the tuition subject to the applicable limits except where specifically mentioned.


    CARICOM Tuition Reduction

    AUA is pleased to assist the career aspirations of students from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) by offering a special tuition reduction rate. CARICOM citizens who are accepted into the AUA Basic Sciences program will receive a 30% reduction in the cost of tuition. The tuition reduction will cover the four semesters of Basic Sciences. Tuition reduction does not include room, board, transportation, or educational supplies. To maintain continued eligibility, students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) – promotion to next semester.

    Procedure and Guidelines

    • Tuition reduction, is solely used to reduce tuition and cannot result in a cash refund.
    • Separate application is required for CARICOM tuition reduction outlining their academic successes and challenges, community service, and/or professional achievements and recognitions.
    • Completed application must be accompanied by supporting documents such as a color copy of your passport, color copy of your birth certificate, and proof of current residency.
    • Tuition reduction will be in the form of credit toward tuition.
    Checklist for students
    • AUA – Acceptance letter.
    • Duly filled-out CARICOM Tuition Reduction Application and supporting documents (color copy of your passport, color copy of your birth certificate, and proof of current residency).
    • Mail completed CARICOM Tuition Reduction Application and supporting documents to the Admission Department, ATTN: Shyam Dharia.
    Application Timelines
    • February Enrollment — by December 1
    • August Enrollment — by June 1

    AUA is approved by the Canadian Ministry of Education, allowing eligible students to receive Canadian federal loans, provincial loans, and federal grants.

    The Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP) offers loans, grants, and repayment assistance to full-time and part-time students seeking postsecondary education. Student financial assistance is provided through a partnership between the CSLP and most provinces and territories. However, Quebec and the Northwest Territories manage their own programs.

    Please note that certain Provinces and Territories designate schools once they are approved by the Canadian Ministry of Education and placed on the Master Designation List (MDL). Other Provinces and Territories have additional criteria in addition to requiring a student to initiate an application for school designation. The provinces and territories that have been approved thus far are:
    • Alberta
    • British Columbia
    • Manitoba
    • New Brunswick
    • New Foundland/Labrador
    • Ontario
    • Prince Edward Island
    • Saskatchewan
    • Territory of Yukon

    The approval process may take up to 12 weeks. The provinces of Manitoba and Nova Scotia have not been approved to date. In addition to being on the MDL, these provinces also require a student to request school designation by completing an application, which can be found on their student aid websites.


    Applying for a student loan is easy!

    Step 1: Determine if you are eligible for a Canada Student Loan. Find out if you are eligible for a Canada Student Loan.

    Step 2: Complete the application. One form is all you need to be assessed for loans and grants. Apply online through the Provincial and Territorial Student Financial Assistance offices. You can speed up the process by submitting your application online, or allow four to six weeks by mail. Specific application procedures are determined by province/territory. Application procedures are based on where you are a permanent resident. If you are a permanent resident of OntarioBritish ColumbiaSaskatchewanNew Brunswick, or Newfoundland and Labrador:

    • Complete one application and submit it to your province of permanent residence.
    • You are assessed for both federal and provincial student loans and grants.
    • You may be eligible to receive one loan: a combination of federal and provincial student loans.
    • You manage and repay your student loan through the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC).

    If you are permanent resident of AlbertaManitobaNova Scotia or Prince Edward Island:

    • Complete one application and submit it to your province of permanent residence.
    • You are assessed for both federal and provincial student loans and grants.
    • You may be eligible to receive two loans: one from the Government of Canada and the other from your provincial government.
    • You manage and repay your loans through two loan providers: the NSLSC website for your Canada Student Loan, and your provincial government’s student financial assistance office or their service provider for your provincial loan.

    If you are permanent resident of Yukon:

    • You apply for a Canada Student Loan through Yukon Student Aid.
    • You are assessed for both federal and territorial grants as well as a Canada Student Loan.
    • You manage and repay your student loan through the NSLSC.

    If you are a permanent resident of the Northwest TerritoriesNunavut:

    • You apply to your province or territory of a permanent residence for student loans.
    • Canada Student Loans and Canada Student Grants are not available. These jurisdictions operate their own student loan programs, which are partly funded by the federal government.
    • You manage and repay your student loan to your province or territory of permanent residence.

    If you are a permanent resident of Quebec:

    • Student loans are not available to medical students attending outside of Quebec.

    Need help? Contact your provincial or territorial student financial assistance office. Note: You must reapply for a Canada Student Loan every school year.

    Step 3: Check your mail or email for your Notice of Assessment. Your Notice of Assessment will tell you if you qualified for a loan or grant. You may receive it by mail, or email. If you qualified:

    If you are not approved for funding or you are not happy with the approved amount:

    • Contact the student financial assistance office in your province or territory. There is a formal reassessment process for students who disagree with the amount they have been awarded. Amounts can be reassessed according to your province’s or territory’s own criteria and those of the federal government.

    Step 4: Review your loan documents and confirm enrollment with your school If you are approved, you must review your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement:

    • Your MSFAA is a legally binding contract. It is important that you review it carefully and read the terms and conditions.
    • Check your personal information to make sure it is correct. If it is not, contact your provincial or territorial student financial assistance office.
    • Include your banking information and a voided cheque if you want your money to be deposited directly into your bank account.
    • The MSFAA is a multiyear agreement. The next time you apply for student financial assistance, you won’t have to sign and submit a new MSFAA. Just complete and submit an application through your province of residence and wait for your Notice of Assessment to come by mail or online.
    • Before you can receive your student loan and/or grant money, your school must confirm you are enrolled full-time at a designated postsecondary institution.
    • A Confirmation of Enrollment may be completed electronically by your school, or a Confirmation of Enrollment form will be mailed to you or your school.

    Step 5: Sign your student loan documents. Make sure you fully understand your responsibilities and commitments before signing. Your loan agreement is a legal document, and your signature means you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. Once you’re sure that all the information is correct, and you have read and accepted the terms and conditions, sign your agreement. Step 6: Submit your loan documents. Submit your completed and signed MSFAA. Bring the following identification to a Canada Post outlet:

    1.  A valid photo identification issued in Canada by the federal or a provincial or territorial government, such as a:

    • valid driver’s license
    • passport
    • provincial health card with a photo
    • permanent residency or citizenship card
    • certificate of Indian status
    • federal or provincial employee identification card
    • Record of Landing accompanied by an expired Permanent Residence Card

    2.  A document proving that the Social Insurance Number (SIN) on your loan or grant authorization document is yours. For example, you can show your SIN card or present an official Government of Canada document that has your SIN on it, such as a:

    • Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment
    • Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions
    • Confirmation of Social Insurance Number from Service Canada
    • temporary SIN card

    3.  Bring your signed MSFAA. Don’t forget to attach a voided cheque or fill out your banking information. Step 7: Wait for your money to arrive! Your loan or grant money will be deposited directly to your bank account.




    Tuition and Financial Services