American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine clubs the Pediatrics Interest Group and the Psychology Interest Group organized a workshop for children from Cedar Grove Primary School to commemorate Obesity Awareness Day.

Principal of the Cedar Grove Primary School, Angella James, suggested that the workshop will help our youth to make healthier choices and, to take the message home to their parents as well. AUA student and Pediatrics Interest Group president Tina Chirayil noted that it was important to promote healthy habits at an early age and encourage parents to lead by example. “A lot of the food that we eat and a lot of the practices that people do every day are very sedentary and unhealthy,” said Chirayil. “I think it is very important that children make better eating and exercise choices at an early age.”

Cedar Grove students were treated to outdoor games to make them more active and were taught about the essentials of nutrition, the effects of different foods on the human body, and how to educate others about healthy eating.