In our ongoing effort to help students fulfill their dreams of becoming successful doctors in the United States and Canada, AUA is proud to announce that two soon-to-be former AUA students, Mara Weinstein and Joseph Chiang, will transfer into Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine. This, coupled with our exemplary USMLE pass rates, bolster AUA’s standing as a leader in all aspects of the medical education field. This is an amazing achievement considering the competitive nature of admissions at U.S. medical schools due to very limited seating. Furthermore, Mara and Joseph did so without losing a significant amount of time, as they are still in the same year of study as they were at AUA. It is a testament to the quality of AUA’s medical program and the effort our current students and faculty put forth towards remaining at the top of their field. By implementing a U.S.-modeled curriculum and by admitting qualified students who have the drive and skills to succeed in the evolving medical landscape, AUA affords its students opportunities and advantages few schools in the Caribbean region provide.

Our students are our most valuable asset, their dedication to medicine, their selflessness, and willingness to help their peers are what set them apart. Many spend countless hours at the Center for Tropical Diseases, one of the many health clinics around the island, or donate blood. We can attribute our success, as an institution, to them.

In a letter to AUA, Mara wrote, “I am undoubtedly grateful for the opportunity the American University of Antigua gave me to begin my medical education and excel in the first two years in the Basic Sciences. The faculty and administration have been instrumental in this process and I could not have come this far without their guidance, knowledge, support, and dedication to enhancing the medical education of each student…AUA provided a stepping-stone for me to reach this point and I have nothing but positive things to say about the program.”

We will miss our transferring students, but are elated for their success. We are indescribably proud.