EMIG is hosting its semesterly blood drive on Thursday, April 26th from 1pm-6pm in Classroom 6. All are encouraged to sign-up in advance to donate, by clicking here.

MSJMC is facing a shortage of blood on the island, so a goal of 100 donors has been set to help reduce that. There will be six donation stations; three in Classroom 6 and three on a blood donation bus. Check-ins will be held in Classroom 6.

Donating will not take long, and all are reminded to eat beforehand. Donors will receive light refreshments as well as other goodies. EMIG requests that all donors arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointments, to take care of check-in and pre-donation requirements. Walk-ins are welcome, however those with an appointment will have priority.

EMIG is looking forward to seeing everybody there. Remember, when you donate blood, you donate life!