Last year’s inaugural AUA Sportacula was epic, and the organizers are working hard to make this year’s sequel even more so! Date, time, and location information will be announced shortly.

The sports day team does advise all participants to immediately start training, get those sneakers out of the closet, head to the gym, and prepare to defend your colors. It’s about to go down!

This year’s competing teams have already been vocal that their sights are set on a decisive win. We understand that the Green Basilians are confident in defending their championship, while the Yellow Bells are certain victory is theirs. The Purple Tulips, however, have stated it is their destiny to lift the trophy in 2018. Rumor has it, that the Pink Pant-ers have invested heavily in new recruits and are actually working on their championship dance!

No matter what, this event needs EVERYBODY to make it a success. So don’t just show your support, participate in the games! It’s going to be Sportaculaaaaa!