Together, American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine and American International College of Arts and Sciences (AICASA) collaborated with the local Environmental Awareness Group to host the AUA Recycling Slogan Competition. On May 22, 2014, a brief ceremony was held on AUA’s campus to award the top three finalists.

AUA Assistant Professor in the Cell Biology department, Dr. Karron James, is the faculty member leading the initiative. According to Dr. James, ninety (90) individual slogan entries were submitted. The team of judges, represented by AUA faculty and staff, the Antigua and Barbuda Waste Recycling Corporation (ABWREC), and the Environmental Awareness Group, narrowed the entries down to three finalists. AUA students Justin Bricchi and Dalal Budri came in second and third place, respectively, with “My Island, My Antigua. Recycle” and “Have no fear, we recycle here!” while Nicolas Rogers was named winner with “Healing Hands Recycling Bottles and Cans.”

The recycling initiative was launched into action by ABWREC’s donation of waste bins that have been strategically placed on both AUA and AICASA campuses. The next stage involves re-branding the bins with the winning slogan, posting informative flyers, and hosting awareness activities designed to promote environmentally friendly practices both on and off campus.

Dr. James praised the efforts of all participants, stating that their involvement in the program is an investment in a more sustainable environment, not only on the campuses but throughout Antigua and Barbuda.