Dr. James Saller (Class of 2010) recently secured a Molecular Pathology fellowship at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL, which offers one of the most prestigious pathology programs in the United States. Find out how he did it and what he’s learned on his journey from Caribbean medical school student to resident to fellow.

Dr. Saller is incredibly happy to have earned this fellowship both for its reputation and its location. He’s originally from Tampa and his family and wife, Rosie, are still located there. For the last three years, he was a pathology resident at NEOMED, one of the top teaching hospitals in Ohio, and he’s now happy to finally return home.

“I was overwhelmed and excited when I got the residency,” said Dr. Saller. “The staff and members of the fellowship program are not only scientifically impressive, but also dedicated to creating a friendly, productive environment.”

He thanks his family, wife, and mentor, renowned cytogeneticist Roger Lebo, for helping him earn this remarkable achievement. During his residency, he worked with Dr. Lebo, whose guidance enriched his training and inspired his focus on molecular pathology.  Under his mentorship, Dr. Saller also learned how to better understand his patients and in doing so, improve his overall care of them.

“During my residency, I learned that you have to be cognizant of your limitations and accept that learning is a life-long process; you will never know everything” said Dr. Saller. “Humility over hubris—ask questions instead of thinking you know all the answers.”

He also acknowledges AUA, particularly Vice President of Global Medical Education & Executive Dean of Clinical Sciences Dr. Peter Bell, who encouraged him to enroll in an elective pathology rotation when he was a clinical student. The rotation allowed him to fully explore his interest in the specialty and hone his focus on molecular pathology.

“Dr. Bell allowed me to take initiative in choosing electives that would challenge me,” said Dr. Saller. “If you’re motivated and committed to working hard, you’ll thrive in whatever field you choose.”