AUA’s Emergency Medicine Interest Group recently hosted its semesterly blood drive, resulting in 48 pints of desperately needed blood donated by students and staff.

Donations where collected at six stations; three in Classroom 6 and three on a special blood donation bus. The effort was in collaboration with Club Lyfe’s ongoing push to boost voluntary blood donations to help alleviate MSJMC’s shortage.

Club Lyfe’s media promotions coordinator Kadeem Joseph told The Daily Observer, “Our focus has been collaborating with institutions to ensure that we have some more organizations who are pushing blood drives within their circles. We are trying to change the culture of blood donations, the team feels that if we can get more organizations to come on board so that it can be part of their annual calendar, there would be more blood donations.”

Joseph added that blood donations can be given at any time at MSJMC.

AUA thanks all donors, the Emergency Medicine Interest Group, and Club Lyfe for their hard work.