On April 6, American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine was heavily involved with Barbuda Health Day.

The Community Development Division in the Ministry of Health, Social Transformation, and Consumer Affair hosted the event.

As part of the day’s events, four AUA faculty members presented a panel discussion covering health topics relevant for the people of Barbuda. Director of Community Development Brenda Thomas Odlum publically thanked the AUA team for their efforts to educate Barbudans and promote healthy lifestyles in Barbuda. The panel presentations were broadcast to the over 1,500 Barbuda residents.

The Barbuda Health Day program began with opening statements by Odlum and AUA Community Outreach Coordinator Dr. Angela Adams. The first presentation was a talk on hypertension by Dr. Bhaskar Sarvesh, a physician with a background in patient care and quality assurance. Next, AUA faculty member Dr. Yogin Parikh, a board certified surgeon, discussed heart disease – highlighting the difference between good and bad cholesterol and providing strategies to promote heart health. A specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Sudah Kannavar provided an overview of diabetes that covered prevention, diagnosis, and living with the disease. While discussing healthy lifestyles, Dr. Adams, a licensed psychologist and board certified coach, shared videos on men’s health, prostate health, and nutrition. As part of AUA’s Heart Smart Initiative, participants were encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices and given AUA’s 100 Mile Challenge T-shirts, journals, and literature on heart health and diabetes.

Following a dialogue between AUA physicians and local health care providers, AUA faculty and Community Development staff ended Barbuda Health Day with a guided tour of the Hanna Thomas Hospital. As the day ended, Odlum declared Barbuda Health Day a resounding success.