On February 23, 2013, AUA’s Heart Smart 100 Mile Challenge officially begins. This 8-week challenge begins with the Heart and Soul 5k/10k walk-run on Saturday at 6AM. The starting point is the West Indies Oil Club House located on Friars Hill Road.

Registration for the challenge begins February 21 with Sharon Brusch, Faculty Assistant – Behavioral Sciences, facilitating the registrations. She can be reached at ext. 1584. An in-house screening will also be offered on February 20th and 22nd from 12PM to 2PM in the Skills Lab.

The first 50 registered participants will receive a free pedometer. All registered participants will receive a Heart Smart T-shirt, a walking journal, and automatic registration for other organized walks. These subsequent walks include the TinMAN Rohr (March 9), Glaucoma March (March 16), and EAG Earth Day Walk (April 20).

A contribution of EC$75.00 is required to register. Proceeds from these walks will assist Antiguans and Barbudans suffering from cardiovascular disease.