American University of Antigua is proud to announce that it has selected Blackboard Learn™ and will implement it immediately to provide online study aids for its students. Blackboard Learn is a course management system that simplifies the creation, organization, and management of technologically advanced course content. All you need to access Blackboard Learn is a computer with a network connection. The Blackboard Learn platform will be used to provide interactive study aids that will supplement live, on-campus classes and help you improve.

Blackboard Learn’s primary features include several tools that enable faculty and students to work in a connected and collaborative educational environment. Here is partial list of the tools that will be introduced over time:

    • Discussion Boards: This tool allows asynchronous posting and responding to student messages within Blackboard. Threads can be organized and controlled by the instructor, and added to a discussion board.
    • E-mail: Faculty can send group or individual e-mails to course participants.
    • Digital Drop Box: Students, faculty, or teaching assistants can share files in this repository.
    • Grade Book: The grade book allows entry for work completed inside and outside of Blackboard, including essays, critiques, etc. The automatic feature posts all student grades associated with online tests and assignments.
    • Test and Surveys: Faculty can create assessment tests to check knowledge and skill level of students enrolled in a particular course. Answers received can be automatically recorded into the grade book.
    • Interactive Assignment Tool: This tool allows the instructor to assign a specific name, point value, and instructions for each assignment. Students submit completed assignments and send it back to the instructor through Blackboard. The grade is automatically entered into the grade book.
    • Course Calendar: Faculty can utilize the calendar to indicate important events, test dates, due dates, etc.

Initially, Blackboard Learn will be used as the primary source for all supplemental instructional content (superseding the “S” drive) and a complimentary source for course-related communication. All students will have access to AUA’s Blackboard Learn program beginning with the 2009 Fall semester.

AUA envisions powerful applications of the Blackboard Learn platform in both Preclinical Sciences and clinical settings that will illicit improved academic outcomes. The Blackboard Learn program is being implemented with the entire AUA community in mind because we recognize that becoming a successful physician is not a solitary endeavor. It is, rather, the culmination of efforts made by students, faculty, and the institution. We hope you share in our appreciation and enthusiasm for the impact the Blackboard Learn will have in the meaningful study of medicine at the American University of Antigua.