Ambassador at Large

AUA President Neal Simon has been appointed Ambassador at Large for Antigua and Barbuda.

AUA has enjoyed tremendous success over the last decade and the people of Antigua and Barbuda have played a large part in that success. AUA and Antigua and Barbuda have prospered both economically and educationally. More than $81 million is spent annually by AUA students and faculty on island—bolstering all sectors of the economy. The university has awarded more than 40 scholarships to Antiguan students, totaling more than $17.5 million. Three of AUA’s valedictorians are Antiguan citizens and are now prepared to improve health awareness, education, and the overall well-being of the local population.

“The relationship between AUA and its home is far-reaching and has changed many lives,” said President Simon. “We are committed to fostering Antigua’s youth and the community to ensure that the potential of this beautiful island and its people is reached. I am honored to have been appointed Ambassador at Large and my hope is that I will be able to repay Antigua and Barbuda for all its contributions to AUA’s accomplishments.”