A donation of 10 new traffic cones and 12 cases of photocopying paper was presented to the Traffic Department of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB) on the campus of American University of Antigua (AUA). The RPFAB has worked diligently to ensure the safety of the AUA community and Antiguan residents.

Joining those in attendance at the ceremony were Dr. Jagbir Nagra, Executive Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Senior Sergeant William Holder, Public Relations Officer and Head of Strategic (Stratcom) Department.

“On behalf of the Commissioner of Police and the staff at the Traffic Department, we would like to thank you (AUA) for the timely gesture. We will continue doing everything we can within the best of our abilities. We hope to remain on your radar for future donations,” said Senior Sergeant Holder. Dr. Nagra stated, “I look forward to a continued working relationship with the Police department and to see the RPFAB take part in Basic Life Support training. I hope to start it this year via the Emergency Medical Training program.”

The Traffic Department of the RPFAB assists the university with the regulation of traffic on Jabberwock Road, the main road leading to the new AUA campus. The traffic cones and photocopying paper will support the officers of the RPFAB Traffic Department in conducting their traffic duties and administrative responsibilities more efficiently.