athletic health fair

American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine hosted its second Athletic Health Fair, sponsored by AUA’s Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG), on September 26th.

EMIG members and faculty examined local athletes, provided comprehensive health screenings of blood glucose, BMI, flexibility, heart rate, and administered spirometry tests (measuring lung capacity), cardiovascular and respiratory exams, and Electrocardiograms. Participants were also educated on diet, exercise, and rest and recovery practices.

Errisha Richardson, the Student Government Association rep for EMIG, was proud of the Athletic Health Fair. “This health fair is beneficial to both the Antiguan athletic community and the AUA student body,” said Richardson. “Athletes were granted free screenings to gauge their level of fitness and students were given the opportunity to utilize their clinical skills, which will be the basis of their continued medical studies back in the U.S. and Canada.”

During the event, each athlete met with a student doctor, who took a comprehensive patient history. The interview helped medical students improve their bedside manner and communication skills with patients. After meeting with AUA students, AUA faculty offered personalized feedback to each athlete based on the students’ observations.

Participants were appreciative of the AUA academic community’s concern about their well-being and enjoyed the day’s screenings. Kyeshaun Christopher, a 15-year-old swimmer, was excited about the event. “Participating in this activity helped me determine my true physical condition.”

Kaden Joseph, a 14-year-old sprinter, was pleased that the event was educational and that each student doctor made the process both fun and interesting. “[The students] were all very nice and gave me a chance to examine my athletic abilities. I was happy to know I am healthy but happier to know what I can do to improve my physical health.”

AUA student Urvi Bhavsar was asked to write comprehensive patient histories on selected athletes. “It was great applying classroom knowledge to hands-on experience while assisting talented members of the Antiguan community,” said Bhavasar.