In the continuing support of our student body, American University of Antigua sent its general counsel, Leonard Sclafani, to appear before the Mississippi State Medical Board to argue against its adoption of a permanent regulation limiting the grant of licenses to practice medicine in the State to graduates of foreign medical schools to those whose schools were approved by the State of California’s medical board or CAAM.

Mr. Sclafani is lead counsel in the case brought by AUA and several of its students and graduates against the Arkansas State Medical Board following its stated determination to follow the California Medical Board’s list of approved and disapproved schools for purposes of licensure of IMG’s. After hearing from AUA’s counsel and four other speakers, the Mississippi board voted unanimously to reject the proposed regulation. The Board indicated that it would go back to the drawing board to find a means of determining a standard for the approval of a foreign medical school. AUA will monitor the Board’s progress and will continue vigorously and affirmatively to prevent the adoption of any rule that would unfairly bar its graduates from practicing medicine in the State of Mississippi or any other State.