AUA believes that all students, faculty and universities need to be life-long learners.

AUA is dedicated to the proposition that in order to be a successful lifelong learner, we must continually improve study, learning, and teaching skills. This applies to all from those who have the lowest passing GPA to the student with the highest GPA. It applies to all faculty from the one who is voted teacher of the year to the faculty with the lowest overall assessment of his or her teaching skills.

In order to facilitate this goal, AUA has established the Education Enhancement Department (EED).

One of the primary goals of the Education Enhancement Department is to improve student study skills and academic proficiency.

The EED uses many modalities to accomplish its goals, which include one-on-one sessions that focus on student methods that best fit the individual student’s learning style and group sessions in which students focus on specific techniques that research has shown to be highly effective for learning.

General topics include but are not limited to speed reading, “note taking tips,” time management, organizational skills, and visual organizers.

The EED schedules student sessions on a multitude of learning topics for students with shared topic interests.

EED is charged with fostering the integration of effective learning with effective instructional strategies. Topics to be covered include “fostering active learning during class lectures,” “strategies for teaching difficult concepts,” and “providing corrective feedback to student learning.”