American University of Antigua College of Medicine (AUA) is proud to partner with Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU), one of the leading historically black universities (HBCU) in the Southern United States, to create an admissions pathway for qualified students to attend AUA and earn their Doctor of Medicine (MD) degrees.

Under the terms of the agreement, graduates of MVSU are eligible for advanced admissions priority, an expedited application review, and grants/scholarships for those that attend AUA for their medical education. Students will need to meet certain academic thresholds during their MVSU education for eligibility.

“We are so excited to be in collaboration with American University of Antigua College of Medicine,” said Rachel Beecham, PhD, Professor of Biology at MVSU. “I hope our students will be able to use this partnership to become great doctors who can come back to Mississippi and help people in our communities. This is a great opportunity for the students at Mississippi Valley State University.”

Graduates of MVSU who choose AUA will be eligible for a Preferred Partner Grant, in addition to any scholarships earned at AUA.

“We’re honored that MVSU has partnered with AUA for this enrollment initiative,” said Gerald J. Wargo, AUA Vice President of Enrollment Management. “AUA and MVSU share common goals: providing men and women of diverse backgrounds the chance to pursue medicine, increasing diversity overall in medical education, and filling the global pipeline with talented doctors to head off AAMC-predicted physician shortages.”