American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine announced a new scholarship program to help combat the critical physician shortage in New York State.

The AUA New York Physician scholarship program will provide undergraduate students from New York State with a grant of $20,000.  Students with an overall undergraduate GPA of at least a 3.5 and a prerequisite GPA of at least a 3.25 will be awarded $4,000 per semester covering the four Preclinical Sciences semesters and the Fifth Semester.

AUA’s President Neal Simon said: “AUA understands medical school is a significant financial investment that can be a barrier for many students who would like to pursue a career in medicine. Keeping a medical education within reach for all has always been part of AUA’s mission. This new scholarship program will allow those students who want to practice medicine in New York State to pursue a medical education to serve communities with the greatest need.”

Founded in 2004, AUA is approved by New York State and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. AUA’s students spend two years studying preclinical sciences in didactic based work on campus in Antigua. Their second two years are spent participating in clinical rotations throughout the United States at the finest teaching hospitals.

AUA is an innovative medical school dedicated to providing a learner-centric education of the highest quality, granting opportunities to underrepresented minorities, fostering a diverse academic community, and ensuring that its graduates develop the skills and attitudes of lifelong learning, compassion, and professionalism.  AUA also provide students who would otherwise be unable to receive a medical education with the tools to become successful physicians. AUA was founded with the commitment to support underserved communities and address the impending physician shortage with an emphasis on primary care.