Over the weekend, back-to-back events gave students the chance to reach out to the community while gaining educational and clinical experiences. The first event was a health fair focused on World Glaucoma Week.

The fair was conducted with the help of AMSA (American Medical Student Association) and an AUA faculty member. Attendance was estimated at over 400 people.

Students ran stations to check vitals, BMI, glucose, vision, and H&P. Patients also saw a physician and received referrals if needed. After that, they had the option to be screened for glaucoma with Dr. Jilia Bird, a local ophthalmologist. Other services included HIV testing, and if Med 4 students or physicians felt it was necessary, AUA’s EMIG (Emergency Medical Interest Group) was on site administering EKG’s for patients with a higher risk of abnormalities.

A seminar on glaucoma also took place. Both students and the public got to learn basics about the condition by watching a video called “Going Blind.” Following was a discussion about some of the main issues surrounding glaucoma, featuring patient testimonials.

Capping off the weekend was a March for World Glaucoma Week. Students, the police band, and many schools and organizations raised awareness for the condition by walking throughout St. John’s. AMSA donated money that had been raised over the past few semesters to helping fund Dr. Bird’s work. Both events garnered an excellent response from Antiguans thanks to the successful collaboration between AMSA and AUA.