Female members of the American Medical Students Association’s (AMSA) executive board and Dr. Naira Chobanyan participated in a breast cancer screening day on October 15th, organized by the Lion’s Club of Antigua and Barbuda and Breast Friends.

200 people participated and learned that prevention is the first step in awareness against breast cancer. The screening also educated women and men that a diagnosis of breast cancer is not a death sentence, what symptoms to look for, and the importance of pursuing follow-up with a physician. A number of breast cancer survivors were in attendance. AUA medical students observed the screenings in order to witness how a proper breast exam is completed.

Dr. Chobanyan also participated in a one-day seminar on October 21st called Breast Friends Women in Touch, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization. The AMSA executive board attended the seminar, featuring physicians specializing in hematology, oncology and pathology. Some came from nearby islands to discuss raising people’s awareness of breast cancer prevention and its early detection. A panel discussion was devoted to developing guidelines for breast cancer screenings for women in the region.