“I‘m still not sure this is not a dream; this campus will be the largest and most impressive campus throughout the Caribbean and rivals schools throughout the world.”

These words were spoken by Neal Simon, President of American University of Antigua (AUA), while addressing an audience of over 700 guests at the inauguration of the new campus situated in University Park, Antigua. These sentiments were also shared by the dignitaries, students and others guests who were visibly impressed by the many facilities offered at AUA’s new, modern medical institution.

The 17-acre campus will house classrooms along with a multi-story library including a learning center, study rooms, a research center, and office space for the student government and administrators. In addition to the academic buildings, there is a 400-seat amphitheater with student housing to follow. The new campus will feature basketball, tennis and beach volleyball courts, a soccer field, a fitness center, a running track, and a cricket pitch. The campus is footsteps away from the beautiful Jabberwock beach.

This campus, according to Dr. Peter Bell, Executive Dean of AUA, is equipped with the E-learning platform, Blackboard™, which allows students to access their courses electronically to supplement their classroom tutelage. Blackboard will allow for a more collaborative education; course content, tests, assignments, and class discussions will be accessible online.

AUA’s commitment to academic excellence is evident in its evolution from its pioneer class in 2004 of nine students to an enrollment of over 1,700. Mr. Simon pointed to the pivotal supporting role played by the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda in helping AUA’s exponential growth. The Honorable Baldwin Spencer, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, in his address to the gathering, pledged his government’s continued support of the development of the institution and marveled at the “magnificent edifice.” Prime Minister Spencer also emphasized the importance of the symbiotic relationship between AUA and the nation of Antigua and Barbuda. To strengthen Antigua and Barbuda’s relationship with Manipal Education, AUA’s partner, Prime Minister Spencer announced that Dr. Ramdas Pai, Chancellor of Manipal University and Chairman of the Manipal Board would be Antigua and Barbuda’s first Honorary Consul to New Delhi, India. Dr. Pai officially thanked the Honorable Baldwin Spencer for his imminent installation as Honorary Consul and said, “It is a proud moment for Antigua and India and it is a testament to both the outstanding growth of AUA and the close relationships between Antigua and India.”

President of the Student Government Association, Dona Hasou, gave a vote of thanks; “The feeling of unity and commitment that this new campus inspires is the fulfillment of AUA’s promise to its students—the promise of continued investment in and support of their academic success.”