Aspiring medical students frequently wonder why the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is so important to becoming a doctor. As the exam has a reputation for being challenging, it is natural for them to question ‘is it worth doing the USMLE’? They may wonder what happens once they pass or fail the test, and worry about the money and effort they put in. 

Aspirants may worry about not getting the desired job or facing trouble with the residency program despite passing the exam. With a line-up of various questions and scenarios in their minds, aspiring medical students wonder, ‘is the USMLE exam worthwhile?’ 

To simply answer this question, the USMLE exam is an important step to getting a licence and a job in the USA. Hence, for those who wish to work as a doctor in the USA, the USMLE is a compulsion that they must tick on their checklist. Moreover, a rewarding career in the healthcare industry is sure to make this challenging exam worthwhile.

Why Is the USMLE Exam Worth It?

When you are driven by a desire, you must not divert your attention from your goal by thinking about the obstacles or challenges you might have to face. Focus and undeterred confidence are key to your achievement. If you choose not to take the USMLE exam, you can instead pursue post-graduation and specialisation in your own nation, as the exam is not a measurement tool for knowledge and abilities in India. However, if you aim to get a licence and a job in the USA, all it takes is an exam — the USMLE exam. 

As an aspiring medical student, at this point, you must be thinking if the USMLE is worth your time and money. While everyone wants to pursue their profession in a nation that is well advanced in their chosen industry, choosing a suitable country and meeting its eligibility criteria plays a key role in achieving these goals. If you have done your research, you must be aware that the USA is among the ideal countries for doctors to explore their job options. The United States has virtually surpassed everyone in this crucial area of life, thanks to its cutting-edge research facilities and equipment. The USA is known to have more hospitals, which translates to more facilities and employment in the healthcare sector.

We are aware that you must be concerned about what would happen if you pass the exam but are not hired for the position you want. While some claim that it depends on luck, that is truly not the case. Your exam results will determine the field you choose, so if your results are good enough, you will be hired for your ideal position. All it takes to pass the USMLE is a little effort. For instance, you must receive at least 231 in the USMLE Step 1 if you wish to work as part of the Internal Medicine faculty. Thus, getting what you want is not all that difficult.

Now, let us talk about the residency program. The USA has a growing physician shortage; hence, being a resident is not a hassle. Another reason for you to attempt the USMLE is that doctors working in the USA are well-equipped and paid well. Again, you must achieve good scores on the USMLE steps 1 and 2, as your grades will be one of the deciding factors. 

Overall, the USA has given international medical graduates (IMGs) an excellent atmosphere and opportunity, which positively answers the question ‘ is USMLE worth it?’. So, if you are considering taking the USMLE and have the financial means to cover the test’s costs, you should definitely go for it. If you do not succeed, do not be too disappointed; instead, consider what you can learn from it. This experience and knowledge will undoubtedly be useful to you as you seek career coaching.