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Caribbean Medical School For American Students

MD Program

For a prospective American medical student, AUA can help access a medical career as a physician in the United States.

Earned on the strength and quality of our facilities, curriculum, resources, faculty, administration, and medical student body, the quality of education and training at AUA satisfies the requirements of licensure to practice medicine in every state in the USA. With AUA as your start point, you can set yourself on the path to becoming a practicing physician in the United States.

Financial Aid for American Students

American students who attend AUA College of Medicine are eligible for the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, as approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Through this program, AUA students will be able to borrow funds to cover the cost of their tuition and other expenses related to their medical education.

American students at AUA are eligible for two types of loans through this program:

  • Direct Unsubsidized Loans
    • Loans made to eligible, graduate, and professional students; students are not required to demonstrate financial needs for eligibility.
  • Direct PLUS Loans
    • Loans made to graduate or professional students to help pay for educational expenses not covered by other financial aid.

Residency in the United States for AUA Medical Students

Medical school graduates from AUA are eligible to participate in residency training and receive licensure in the United States. Medical education at AUA is designed to provide our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful medical professionals. Through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), international medical students at AUA have gone on to secure many competitive specialties in the United States.

Our curriculum is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest medical advances, and our faculty is committed to ensuring that our students have the best possible educational experience. We are proud of our graduates and their accomplishments, and we are confident that they will continue to make a positive impact on the medical profession.

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