With most jobs, people tend to fall into one of two categories: those who lead and those who follow. Physicians, however, must be strong leaders in order to make the tough decisions that come with the profession. Luckily, American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine has numerous initiatives to boost your confidence. Here are just a few:

Urbana Online MBA Program

Qualified AUA students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through this this unique Healthcare MBA program designed to address the growing business needs of aspiring physicians.  Clinical students can gain the upper hand during rotations by learning how hospitals operate and what managerial styles work best in certain situations. Furthermore, by earning a Healthcare MBA alongside your MD, you’ll distinguish your residency applications. When you graduate, you’ll have the knowledge to run a successful practice and become a leader in the healthcare industry. This program is exclusive to Caribbean medical school students and is designed to complement your MD degree.

AUA Clubs

AUA has numerous clubs that offer many leadership opportunities. The Student Government Association (SGA) plans events around campus and, most importantly, represents the student body. The Ambassadors is a unique program where students provide the public face of the university and assist dignitaries and new students as they arrive on campus.  AUA’s chapter of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) hosts health fairs on campus every semester, making a difference in the community by helping hundreds of Antiguans.

An offshoot of the Emergency Medicine Interest Group, the Emergency Response Team will give you a taste of what it’s like to act in situations that require coolheaded leadership. This team, comprised entirely of AUA students, applies the knowledge learned in the classroom to real life situations using basic life support techniques. By becoming a member of the team, you’ll learn crisis management early on– an essential skill to have when under pressure to perform a complicated procedure or remain compassionate while delivering patient diagnoses.

Education Department (ED)

Have you done well with your course work so far? Share your study tips with your colleagues at ED. ED has tutoring and TA opportunities available for high-achieving students. Even if you are having a difficult time with classes, you can become a peer educator after going through ED’s intensive system. Besides these initiatives, ED offers professional development courses, allowing students to hone their leadership skills before they enter the field.