Break’s almost over: Basic Sciences classes resume in just a few weeks (August 17, 2015 to be precise). If you’re a new student or on your last semester, coming back to school can be incredibly stressful. Here are just a few ways you can transition back to being a medical student.

Go in With a Plan

A lot of stress comes from uncertainty. Before you start or return to medical school, structure your days and write down your schedule. Set aside study time and downtime. You may not know what your workload will be in the upcoming semester but you can predict it based on the courses you’ll be taking.

Chat with Your Professors

After class, ask your professors about office hours and discuss the material with them. Unlike many other Caribbean medical schools, AUA faculty members are available long after office hours are over and are invested in their students’ success. They’re probably your greatest resource when you need to understand the concepts they’re teaching you.

Join a Club

It’s good to know that you have a network of colleagues who have your back. Whether it’s academic or social, joining a club with people of similar interests and experiences is a great way to stay connected whenever you feel your stress is overwhelming.

Wake Up Early

An easy way to alleviate anxiety is to wake up early in the morning. Since school won’t start for another few weeks, you have time to get readjusted to your school schedule now. It will also help with your sleep, which you’ll need lots of if you want to retain all of that info you learn in class.

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