AUA is eternally grateful for the Antiguan community’s support. In return, our students, faculty, and administrators help make a difference in Antigua:

Health Fairs

AUA’s original health fair, hosted twice each year by AUA’s American Medical Student Association (AMSA) branch, has given out health check-ups to hundreds of Antiguan residents. Many other clubs have established health fairs of their own, such as Men’s Health Day and Women’s Health Day. AUA also hosts blood drives on campus to replenish Antigua’s dwindling supply.

Workshops and Education

AUA’s Asthma League recently hosted a prevention workshop, while the Pediatrics Interest Group and Psychology Interest Group teamed up to organize a workshop to teach children about healthy eating habits. AUA also produces the Healthy Perspectives video series, filmed on campus and around Antigua, which interviews internationally renowned experts and medical professionals.


In additional to providing financial support to local charities and nonprofits, AUA has donated medical supplies, books, computers, and police equipment to many Antiguan institutions.

Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities are open to the Antiguan community for use by local sports teams. In fact, our cricket pitch has hosted tournaments and is approved by the International Cricket Association for practice matches.


AUA supporting local events such as Sailing Day and the TinMan Rohr triathlon, both of which feature athletes from around the world, AUA helps make Antigua one of the best destinations in the Caribbean.


AUA offers a scholarship for eligible Antiguan citizens and grants for eligible CARICOM citizens as well. Many recipients of this scholarship plan to return to Antigua to practice medicine.

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