When you attend AUA, you get to attend one of the top Caribbean medical schools and live in one of the top Caribbean vacation destinations. It’s not only filled with modern conveniences (and accessible transportation), but there’s also a lot you can do to unwind after classes. Here are just a few things that make living in Antigua the best island for a Caribbean medical school.

365 Beaches

American University of Antigua campus

Tired of going to the same boring beach? Well, Antigua has hundreds of pristine beaches to choose from. They all have beautiful white sand, crystal blue water, and because there are so many, they’re never too crowded. There’s even a beach a few minutes from campus. Seriously, just throw a stone and it’ll probably land on a beach somewhere in Antigua.

Incredible Restaurants

Australian Homemade

You don’t need to prepare all of your meals at home. At the port, there are tons of great restaurants to spend a nice night out after a long day of studying. Have a sweet tooth? There’s a homemade ice cream parlor with all your favorite flavors! Want something a little fancier? Try Sheer Rocks in English Harbour ranked by TripAdvisor as one of the best restaurants on the island. You can even find those reliable chain restaurants from home like Subway and KFC.



Yes, history. There’s lots of that in Antigua. Antigua was one of the first islands visited by Christopher Columbus and there are still remnants of the English colonies that occupied the island more than four hundred years ago.

American-style Supermarkets

Look at this shot:


Thought you were looking at a Whole Foods, right? Wrong. That’s Epicurean, an expansive supermarket where you can find nearly all your favorite treats from home. Bonus: unlike the grocery stores in other Caribbean islands, you don’t have to wait weeks for fresh shipments of food.



Besides all the typical tropical clichés like beaches and warm weather, did you know that Antigua also has a rainforest? With zip-lining? It’s a great place to get away without having to travel too far. Tons of activities and island excursions make Antigua the setting of a perfect vacation, but as an AUA student, you actually get to live here.

Easy Access to the World


If you want to visit some Caribbean islands, you have to take a ferry or a small plane from another one. Not so with Antigua. VC Bird International airport has direct flights coming from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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