Many AUA alumni pursue opportunities in sub-specialties within newer or overlooked fields. Read on to discover some of the unique fields AUA alumni have explored through fellowships:

Sleep Medicine

This multi-faceted specialty, which integrates diverse fields such as neurology, internal medicine, psychiatry, and neurophysiology, has grown substantially since the 1970s. If you’re interested in the field, consider talking with Dr. Talha Memon (Class of 2012), a Sleep Medicine Fellow at one of the top sleep medicine programs in the U.S. – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Headache Medicine

Although you can usually fix a headache with an ibuprofen, there’s a lot more going on. What causes it? Why is it so intense? Is there something better than ibuprofen to treat it? Headache medicine is attempting to provide answers, and Dr. Regina Krel (Class of 2010), a Headache Medicine Fellow at Brigham Women’s Hospital/Harvard Headache Medicine at John R. Graham Headache Center, is at the forefront of that research.

Molecular Pathology

This new branch of pathology analyzes diseases based on molecules within organs, bodily fluids, and tissue to provide individualized treatments tailored to a particular patient (sometimes known as precision medicine). Last year, Dr. James Saller (Class of 2010) earned a Molecular Pathology Fellowship at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. He chose this fellowship to better understand the needs of his patients and improve their overall care.


Thanks to both an aging populations’ need for more gastroenterologists and research linking gut microbes to non-gastrointestinal diseases including heart disease and Alzheimer’s, this field has grown in importance within the medical community, even if it hasn’t grown significantly in size. Luckily, Dr. Minesh Mehta (Class of 2012), a Gastroenterology Fellow at the University of Louisville, is working to bridge the gap.

Addiction Medicine

Treating someone who suffers from an addiction and helping making sure they remain sober takes a lot of dedication. Dr. Elizabeth Bulat (Class of 2010) has that resolve and then some. She was an Addiction Medicine Fellow before becoming the Service Chief of Addiction Medicine at Henry Ford Maplegrove Center in West Bloomfield, MI.

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