The key to a productive study session is focus. The first step is perfecting your study space. Here are some things you can do to improve your space:

  1. Personalize Your Space

Even if you’re studying at the library, own your space. If you’re not making your space personal, you’re taking away the incentive to sit tight. Feeling peckish? Keep your favorite snacks around. Want a Rocket Raccoon toy by your textbook? That’s okay! Weird, but okay. You don’t need to organize your space unless you like it that way.

  1. Choose the Right Lighting/Color Scheme

This may sound weird but your choice of color scheme and lighting does have actual ramifications. If you need to develop new ideas about the material you’re reading over, have lots of blue and green in your space. If you need to focus better on the details, have more red in your room. Dim light can also help you think more creatively.

  1. Be Comfortable

When you settle in for a long study session, you probably don’t want to be fidgeting in your seat most of the time. Find a comfortable place to lounge around – preferably with a comfy chair, the perfect temperature setting, and some smooth jazz playing the background (okay, the third is something I like, but you get the idea). Just make sure it isn’t too comfortable – you don’t want your study space to become your bed. Also, don’t make your study space a bed.

  1. Cut The Cord

The simplest way to get rid of distractions is to just get rid of them. Turn off all non-essentials – your phone, your TV, and your computer’s Wi-Fi. If you need the internet, shut down all other browsers and focus exclusively at the material in hand. If you’re an AUA student, you also have the option to completely get away and study on the beach.

What’s your study space like? Tell us about it in the comments!

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