Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, New Year’s, or whatever feast you attend between now and January 1, there will be indulgence. Here are some tips to keep you healthy and from gaining 10 pounds (but you can probably expect to gain at least five) during the holiday season.

Moderation is Key

Oh, the casseroles and pies this season brings! It’s natural to pile as much on your plate as possible, but by doing that, you’re already setting yourself up for over-eating. Serve yourself two items at a time and then go for seconds or thirds.  Your plate will look sparse, yes, but you won’t be tempted to clear an overloaded plate. It will also keep Aunt Linda from saying “your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” We get it, Aunt Linda. Same joke every year.

Stretchy Pants are Not your Friend

You’re probably thinking “Hey! If I wear those new elastic pants I bought, I can just keep gorging on food and nothing will stop me. NOTHING!” No – that’s just a recipe for disaster. Just wear your normal clothes – preferably something a little tighter. That way you’ll know when you’re really full and not “I seem full but I could probably go for another turkey leg or two.”

Don’t Skip Meals

Most people try to “save room” by not eating at all before their holiday meals. Makes sense since you’ll probably be eating a full day’s calorie intake in one sitting. Only problem: that’s not very healthy. You’ll probably eat more than your daily calorie count and your body will feel pretty funky after. Eat light meals or snack as needed so you won’t overeat later.

Remember What the Holidays are Really About

When you have mountains of food in front of you, you’re focus on that, but behind those mountains, typically, are people. You know, the ones that you invited or invited you. Focus more on chatting with people at the dinner table than defeating your food mountain. That way you won’t be awkwardly shoving food in your mouth the entire time. Like I did. Last year. I have terrible table manners.

What tips do you have to slim down your portions during the holidays?

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