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Vice President for Administrative Services & Community Affairs Director – Emergency Medicine Training Centre & Clinical Simulations AHA ITC Programs Director - Vernon Solomon Vernon Solomon, AHA, ITC, EMTC – Director AHA ITC

Professor Vernon Solomon completed his BSc in respiratory therapy. His studies continued with a focus on critical and prehospital care. He completed his MSc, with honours, with a special emphasis on Health Administration, Health Promotion and Wellness Education. He also studied polosomnography at the Stanford School of Sleep Medicine.

Prof. Solomon joined AUA in 2007. He was an American Heart Association ECC instructor within the AUA Emergency Medicine Training Centre (EMTC). His passion for emergency medicine and prehospital care drove him to advance AUA’s EMTC programs to include courses in paramedicine. He worked to establish AUA’s first state-of-the-art Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab. As Director of the Department of Clinical Simulations, Prof. Solomon and his team utilize realistic scenarios, skillfully designed to promote deliberate practice and integrated learning, for AUA’s first and second year medical students.

Prof. Solomon has completed research on risk factor surveillance and health education programs in small and/or rural communities. He started student led organizations to raise awareness on NCDs, Asthma, and Emergency Medicine. He works closely with students and faculty to raise community awareness on a wide range of health related topics. He is currently the host of a local talk show called Healthy Perspectives. The show aims to empower all Caribbean citizens to tackle today’s most pressing health challenges, while fighting to end health inequalities.
Recently appointed as Vice President for Administrative Services and Community Affairs, Prof. Solomon oversees the university’s administrative support services, ensuring they remain aligned with the academic goals of the institution while also restructuring to ensure increased productivity, decreased spending, and an enhanced campus experience for all AUA students.